Remodeled Lego Store


I found this website on the remodeled Lego store.
Check it out

Remodeled Lego store at Downtown Disney reopens – Photos and Video - Orlando Attractions Magazine

Watch the video too. The video box looks cool.


Cool thanks for sharing:heart:


Very cool. I’m sure my soon to be 13 year old will quietly excited about this. Do boys ever truly outgrow Legos??? The new Lego creations look very cool, I can’t wait to see them.


This is awesome my 11 year old loves Legos!


(Cough, Cough), As a happily married 47 year old male, I can attest you do not outgrow them.

I currently working on a Star Wars set. I already have a couple of other Star Wars models, two F1 models, and one entry from what I call the village series.

Considering these are several thousand pieces each and take a few weeks to complete, I would compare them to doing puzzles.

I already had my eye on the London Bridge and the Taj Mahal.

After putting these together, I have a better idea of the engineering involved.

If you are a parent, I think they would be a great way to teach spatial relationships.


VERY cool! I love the new statues! I also thought the digital box was really neat. Very cool to hold a box up to a screen and see what the finished product is suppose to look like. the inside is seriously more spacious too. I will definately pay them a visit just to check out all the new stuff.


Boys never outgrow legos I work with a 23 yr old who loves them along with my 17 year old son who just asked me to bring some back from my June trip that I am taking alone with my hubby


I love the Snow White and the Dwarves one!!! And Woody and Buzz. So cool xx


Very cool! I hope we can visit there next month. No trip to the parks is planned, so this may be just the Disney fix I need. My DS is 17 and still loves building Lego stuff. I agree with Gatour, you are never too old for Legos.


So cool!! And, no, boys don’t outgrow them. My DH is 26 and collects Star Wars sets. A new set is a must for each birthday/Christmas. I currently have 2 sets stashed in my closet. Unfortunately, the only ones he doesn’t have at this point are the $400-$500 ones. :glare: