Remy still appearing at Chefs de France?


I have reservations for October and Remy is the primary reason for going. Anyone know if he is still there?


When we were there two weeks ago, we couldn’t find him. But I have seen evidence that he was in France as recent as the 15th of May…

But I am not 100% positive if he makes regular appearances. We have eaten at Chefs de France quite a few times over the past year and we have never spotted him once…

I suppose it’s bad timing?

Good luck


Hi Simplytall, I asked this question 2 weeks ago and Dana being the fab lady she is had put Remy’s schedule on my thread. have a look on there and you will be able to find out when the ‘little Rat’ is there! :happy:

Big hugs


We saw him at dinner time. It was an early meal for us, but I know many of you sit down to eat your main meal between 5 and 7 nightly.


Thanks to you all. I have made reservations for lunch so hopefully we can see him. The girls would be so surprised.


Thanks for asking this, simplytall, and thanks for linking the other thread, soundgod. I was just wondering this too. I’d love for my youngest DD to be surprised by Remy! She’s my little animal lover. :happy:


Hi Missymouse. My girls are 8 & 5 and they have no idea Remy appears anywhere. They will love it if it works out. I asked the question on the Disney Moms Panel and they said that it is best to make reservations so that you will be seated before Remy would begin his appearance because he goes through only one time per appearance. We have lunch reservations for 12:00 and his appearance should begin at 12:40. I hope that this will work out.


Even better information! Thank you so much! My oldest DD knows that Remy appears, but she is almost 13, so I’m not sure she and her almost 11 year old brother care. My 7 year old, will LOVE it, and, like your girls, I don’t think she realizes she could see Remy. I’m going to work on a ressie right now. If I get it, great, but if I don’t, no one will be the wiser. :laugh: Thank you again for your help! :happy: