Remy still in France?


Is Remy still making appearances at Chefs de France during lunch? If so we are definably going for lunch.


I don’t know if he is - I hope so. It’s always so funny to think of a rat in a fancy French restaurant - but he’s so darn cute!:happy:


They totally do it in an upscale and fun way. The fact that there is a rat in the restaurant is great entertainment… everybody loved it…


When I suggested Chefs de France for our August trip it didn’t go over well , but when I said that Remy may show up….we’ll now my DD(10) is all in. She made me check the menus for Ratatouille. She has no idea what it is but would order it given the chance.


Chefs de France is a great restaurant. One of our favourites.


Yup, I have to agree with that and that rat is a very classy rat :closedeye


Oui, oui. Il est un tres chic raton!


Remy was there in December and mad a visit to my DW and DS table. She said he did not visit all the tables.