Renewing an annual pass


Is there a way to renew an annual pass online? Isn’t it cheaper to renew a pass instead of buying a new one? I only see places to buy a new one. Does anyone know?


I am renewing my AP this weekend. It is cheaper to renew rather than to buy a new one,but my renewal date will always be 2/1. If I renew,say on Feb.11,the pass will be from 2/1/06 to 2/1/07. I will have lost 11 days. If you won’t be back for an appreciable length of time,it would be better to buy a new pass.


The savings depend on which annual pass you have.

If I remember, there is NO savings offered for the basic AP.

However, the Deluxe and Premium Annual Pass, I noticed, “saves” me $20.00 if I renew.

The sad part, of course, is that the “Savings” means you pay last years price.

Which, is to say, the Premium Pass is NOW $349.00, which gives you all year round.

But since I spent 11 days in Disneyland last year, it did pay for itself, especially with free parking…

You can renew online or with the post office. :pirate: