Renewing AP?


Ok AP holders I have a question for you. With all the discount being geared toward packages and the new dining plan, are you going to renew your AP? I have decided against it and was wondering what you guys are doing.


My whole family has AP’s. I think I will renew one adult one and let the others expire. That way I can still get a room discount if needed and buy the tickets for the others.


We are still going to get the AP’s. The dining plan is not for us, as we typically eat only 1 meal a day (and some snacks), For us going twice a year it is still woth getting the AP’s for the room discount.


We don’t go every year, but the years we go we normally go twice and the AP savings on the room is worth it. My wife and I get annuals and if we take the grandkids we buy their tickets seperate.


For people who go twice a year, it is definately worth it to get the AP’s. My DD and I will be traveling the same week as we did this year and the AP wouldn’t make sense to us. We still do character meals or a sit-down dinner, so the dining makes sense for us.


I agree with you Dana. I feel the same way about the APs, we ditched 'em two years ago and have gotten amazing packages since. Now I am debating the DVC. The APs were SO worth it when we lived in Fl but now that I am a Jerseyite it’s seems silly to me.


I got my AP only because they had awesome hotel discounts at the time, so the difference between the two broke even. So I figured I would have it just in case I decided to go back in the next year. Plus I was able to get the DDE card, so it was worth it to me. But I won’t renew it again because hopefully I will be a CM instead! :happy:


Mine expired and I haven’t renewed them because of the uncertainty of when I will go again. If I can get 2 trips off of them, I will definately buy AP’s again. If I can only get one trip then I will probably just go with a package.


We won’t be renewing either, because we will probably just be going once a year from now on, and the packages have been awfully attractive.


We are not renewing ours. In october we bought a 1 day ticket for the dining. Our next trip we got 10 tickets that do not expire. It just seems that there are too many specials lately. We have done better with those packages than with the room discounts.

I would still LOVE to do the DVC. Just do not have the cash flow. :frown:


I answered as honest as I can…I just don’t know. My AP runs out in June and I am certain I have already gotten my money’s worth…however with the wedding and honeymoon (which will not be in WDW btw…the dave got your post card, loved it and thanks you dearly!!!..he 86-ed honeymooning in wdw)…I just dont know how many times we will make it to the world next year …sad


Ours expire in May 2006. We won’t be going back until March 2008, so we won’t buy new AP’s until then. Then we will make sure that we go at least two times on those AP’s.

We were thrilled this year when DVC announced the savings on the AP’s! We saved almost $400 for our family of four. Sure hope they still have that offer when we go in 2008.


For DVC members it’s a steal. I would definately do the AP’s if I was a DVC member. I would love to get into that, but the cash flow isn’t happening here…lol

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The postcard didn’t work? :mad: bad Dave…bad! :angel:


As an Orlando couple that visits the parks 30-40 times a year, annual passes are obviously the only way to go for us. Add in the Disney Dining Experience card, and it’s an unbeatable bargain.


Yeah living down here I just renewed mine. Actually I dropped from the reg annual pass to the Seasonal One. Just because we went once during the summer months and it’s just too hot. So it works better for us! And yea add the dining card and it works!