Rent a Car or Take the Buses?


Hey guys… I know I have asked this in the past… but would you rent a car, or take the buses?? Oh and how do you feel about DE??

Give me all the dirt you have!

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Hey Ron, I never talk to you and now twice in a few hours!! We love having a car at Disney, but it took a few trips to do it right. If you rent from the airport its WAY higher than if you rent from the Dolphin Resort. What we did last time (December) was to take ME to our hotel and then go to the Dolphin to get the car we had reserved. We had no issues with ME, no lines and it went smooth. Our first few trips we used the buses and they were fine. It all depends on if you like having the car to go anywhere else. One man’s humble opinion!


I would rent a car ( even though I live in florida and dont need to be at the airport) that way you have the freedom to (gasp ) go off property if you wanted to


I think it depends on when you travel and if you want to leave property at all. If you go during value season and don’t want to leave property, I’d say don’t rent a car. Buses are frequent and are rarely full.

During busy times, it can be convenient to have a car, even if you stay on property the whole time. I’ve been in June when I had to let a bus to my destination pass by, because there was not room for even one more on board. Another example of why I love to go in January or early May.


We always rent a car. Just more flexibility.


We have done it both ways. The last trip was just me and the girls so we used ME and no car. The last time with DH we had a car. If you plan on going offsite for any dinner shows, shopping or to seaworld or that other park (I won’t tell on you). then you need a car for sure. If you are just staying at WDW the whole time, I find the bus system extrememly conveinent. I stayed at PC a couple of weeks ago where I heard bad things about the buses. We never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus.


Ron, if you decide to get a car, be sure to ask them if they are located in teh terminal. Many of them are NOT, and you have to spend a great deal of time waiting in line for a bus to take you to their satellite office to get in another line to pick up your car. This can add well over an hour to your trip.

We have even set it up so the kids and I collected the luggage while DH went to the satellite office to get the car. Still took ages…

There are plenty of agencies in the terminals, though.


Also, Ron, if you decide to do a car be sure to check for discount codes and also check L&M rentals. They are in the terminal and sometimes have very good deals.


This is just a quick look at two rental companies. National at the Dolphin using a double upgrade coupon getting a fullsize car $190.73 same thing at the airport $314.73. And Budget at the Embassy hotel in the downtown area. Same thing using a double upgrade coupon getting a fullsize car at the hotel $210.18 and at the airport $326.02. And I used it for the same period of time April 10-17. Big difference.


No car, busses and boats and Monorails for us. We don’t feel the need to leave the property and really, they do have cabs there.


We never use a car at WDW even if we drive. We park the car and don’t see it again until we are ready to leave. It is so relaxing for us to not have to drive while on vacation. We have good luck with the buses and just allow enough time to get where we are going. I honestly don’t think driving to MK saves you any time since you still have to get on the ferry or monorail to get in or out.

We used DME in July/August and it was wonderful. We were at our resort in less than 90 minutes and had our bags an hour or so later. I hope we get to fly again this summer so we can use it again.


I absolutely loathe the buses (not referring to ME, have no experience w/that). They are late, crowded, and take forever. DEFINITELY rent a car.


DH hates depending on anyone else for transportation. We always get a car. I also like having it in case of any emergency that may come up. It’s like a security blanket for me.


We wrestle with this every time we visit. DH likes being on vacation, and that means no driving, no parking etc. BUT he does get impatient, and sometimes a car is nice to have!


On our first stay on property, we rented a car. I was worried about the on-site transportation, and I had planned a couple of off-site visits.

It was a waste of money. The on-site transportation was fine, and those off-site trips never happened. Since then, it just hasn’t been an option.



The reason we’ve chosen to stay on-site both times is so we wouldn’t need a car. We stayed at PC and found the buses to be convenient and a great way to go! It’s all in the attitude . . . kind of like Christmas shopping. If you go prepared for a crowd, it’s easier to deal with. If it’s not crowded, it’s a bonus! We really love the convenience, though!


We love not having to drive at WDW so we used the buses. We feel a car would be a hastle.


We always drive down, so it’s never an issue for us. But I do have a lot of experience with the bus system. For the most part, it’s quite effecient. Of course, there are always exceptions, and I have had a time or two when I had to wait a bit for a bus, but for the most part, they run pretty smooth.

As a 3rd option for you… You could rent a hot air balloon and use all YOUR hot air to propel it. Just a thought… :eek: :laugh:


I’ve done it both ways. Disney transportation is wonderful. Don’t waste the money on a rental car.


We live in NY so we always rent a car at the airport. I search for deals and aways seem to do pretty well. I rented from L & M the last couple of times and got a great deal. After the first couple of trips to Disney and using the on site transportation, I learned a little trick. If you’re a member of AAA go to your local store and ask for a diamond lot pass. The diamond lots are right up front and a quick walk into the parks, especially AK, MGM and EPCOT, no buses or trams. Since using the pass I’ve found that its a lot faster to drive from park to park, than taking the buses. I have to say that we try to visit during the less than peak seasons but it worked well in Dec 04 and the parks were jammed that week. Good luck.