Rent a car to go off site?


If we’re staying at Pop (seven nights) and we want to leave for a day to go to Sea World or Cape Canaveral, can we rent a car somewhere on-site for a day or two? We don’t want a car for the whole week because we wouldn’t use it. We like to leave the drivin’ to the experts! I keep finding information on renting at the airport, but nothing else.


YES, we rented a car from Alamo at the Dolphin. Very easy pick up and drop off!
Might be called National now.


How long did you rent it for and what did it cost, if you don’t mind my asking?


We only rented for 1 day. We traveled to St. Augustine for a day trip. It was approximately $50.00. You can usually get a better deal when you keep the car longer. (less $$ per day)



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Just a tip, sometimes it it cheaper to rent the car for a week , instead of just a few days. We rented a car because we wanted to go to Cape Canaveral and Universal IOA. When pricing, it was cheaper to have the car for a week. We use dollar rent a car. website usually has good discount codes.
Good luck


Thank you. I was just starting to research that because I was wondering the same thing. Did you do the car rental from the airport? If so, what’s the trip like to/from the airport? Thanks for the advice!


If you need a rental car go to Offering thousands of items you won’t find in your local Costco. best prices by far. If you go to the travel section. You will see Alamo and they always have coupons. We usually get a midsize suv for 7 days for 220-240.00 Great price. Also once you book make sure to check back everyday. They always seem to lower the prices. I am sure you could even get a midsize car cheaper. One other thing to keep in mind. You don’t actually need a costco membership to book this. You will only need to print the coupon on the computer. Also another added bonus is that they will give you the option to add a second driver at NO CHarge!!! It has worked out great for us. If you have anymore questions about the rental car don’t be afraid to ask. We have turned all our friends and family on to the website. They never ask for your Costco card either when you go to pick up the vehicle.


Yeah, you can always rent the car for the week and take it back early. They won’t care and yes, it does save money.

I couldn’t imagine not having a car at Disney. But, I live a little less than an hour and a half away and always drive! But, it is so worth it if you want to leave and go anywhere around town. There are so many things to do outside of Disney. Sea World is worth a visit, so is Busch Gardens if you like thrill rides. Wet 'n Wild is a great water park out in Orlando. The space center is great if you are into that kind of thing and there are beaches close by, such as Cocoa Beach. As for convenience, the Dolphin is the place to go for the car.


BE CAREFUL about taking your car back early. Some rental agencies do charge a large fee or change your daily rental rate. They claim if you return it early… then it puts you into a different price per day bracket. We have had this happen in the family.


Thanks. I’ll definitely check that out.


Thanks for the advice. I did notice on one of the car rental websites that they did not charge for early return. I didn’t even think about it at the time that others do!


Packerbeth check out the costco website. It might say you a little bit of money. By the way where in Mi do you live. I will be here in Michigan until the end of Oct then we are moving to FL