Rent a Cars


I just rec a quote for alamo for a 12 day rental for a trailblazer for unlimited miles $455.00 I was wondering does that sound about right?? I remember one year it was $275 but I think only 9 days…


Well, it depends . . . what are your dates? Did you use any coupons and/or codes?


It sounds about right. You might want to check out I got a fantastic quote from them for my trip.


My vacation starts on Sept 26 of and drop off will be Oct 7 07… I think I may try once a month starting in Jan to se if I can apply 07 coupons to it,…


That’s a great idea! Last time I booked a car (9/06), my first reservation was $100 more than the final price I paid.

The best thing is to reserve a car (as long as there is no penalty to cancel) and then check the prices intermittently. Most likely, you will end up with a less expensive rental (especially if you apply any discounts you may be eligible for and/or use coupons.)

BTW, do you subscibe to the Mousesavers monthly newsletter/Email? Mary usually sends “special” discounted info to subscribers.


I usually check MS every so often… I will check and apply the discounts… I will probally end up with a good deal…


We rented a mid-size SUV (Chevy Equinox or similar) from Alamo in September for one week (plus 2 hours) for a total (with taxes and fees) of about $350.

That included $98 for two child seats.

The price you’ve been quoted sounds like it’s in line with that (and for a larger car, to boot).

BTW, we got our deal with a Costco code.


Cool… I will try my bjs coupons when they come out…


we paid $701.36 for 21 days rental from Dollar we thought that was excellent for that length of time-is that about right too??


wow… Thats a great deal…


That sounds about right. We paid $425 from Dollar for 10 days in 2005.


Is that a SUV? If so thats probably why

I :heart: Alamo!
Iam using them again this year! :happy:
Iam actually picking up my car at the car care center (saving 1 day’s rate) right inside the MK gate (on left) and returning back to the airport.
Last year we used Dollar and I hated them! :glare:
I did not like their customer service and the crappy car that they gave us was a Full Size (with an UPGRADE!)

I rented w/Alamo 2yrs ago and got a mid size car that was actually bigger than Dollar’s FULL size! :rolleyes:
That car w/Dollar, the trunk was sooo SMALL!
AND Dollar picks the car for you and with Alamo, we went into the garage and picked our own car within the mid size category.
Alamo is also associated with National.
Sign up to them online so you can get deals emailed right to you!

Hertz, I think is expensive and it’s off-site near the airport! :nono:

Budget seems to have reasonable rates but I have no experience with them.


I think that sounds about right for a 12 day SUV rental, but car rental prices can bounce around a lot. I would book it and play the waiting game and see what other prices come out, even with the same car rental company.


your price sounds about right…


This is the plan.I booked the quote and I will call once a month to see if anything changed. The new year i will be able to give a code for the 07 coupons so I think I can beat that. When we went in April I called everyday and the quote went from $500.00 all the way to $150.00 for a suv for 10 day rental… This time we will be driving not flying,.