Rental car and groceries OR dining plan and ME?


Hi! If you had to choose between a rental car and food from the grocery store or ME and dining plan, which would you choose? Pros for rental car are driving where-ever and when-ever, and not having to wait for ME and disney transportation. Pros for dining plan are…YUMMY!, and not having to worry about the food portion of your trip.


ME & Dining Plan!

Can’t go to Disney with out all the Yummo food!!

We always stay right on site the whole time… so a car is a waste for us. One time we did venture out for the day and rented a car from Alamo… located at the Dolphin.


The way I always seem to look at it is that this is my vacation. I don’t want to cook, or clean, or drive! One of the reasons I love disney so much is how convenient they make it for one stop vacationing.


car rental and groceries


After much mousebuzzing advice I would say ME & Dining Plan


If you really need the grocies but could care less about the car rental why not use they will deliver your groceries to your resort!


I’d go ME & dining plan (& gardengrocer if needed). I can’t wait for the DDP - free or not - its going to be nice to not worry about that part of the trip (or budgeting while there)!


Definitely ME and DDP! I love having a few days free from preparing meals!


Amen :angel:


I like having my car there, easier with the little ones BUT, I live in Fl . . . if I was flying in for a WDW vacation . . . I’d do ME and DDP . . . BOTH AWESOME Disney services! :wub:


We like having a car - we’ve gotten spoiled - and if you’re at SSR - it’s invaluable. And I like stopping at Publix for groceries, BUT I also like the Dining Plan and when it’s just me and my daughters, we loved ME - so I’m no help at all. :laugh:


ME and DDP!!!


The rental car and groceries just has so many negatives going against it. For starters, money on a rental car you probably won’t need. Second, it takes time to drive off of property and purchase groceries. Third, dining at Disney is an added bonus in itself. I’d second the idea if you are thinking that route (unless you just want to get in the car, go grocery shopping and ditch the family for a couple hours!). But, I’d take the DDP over the car or garden grocer.


Well - that’s not completely accurate. We usually get a good deal on a car (through CAA (AAA to you), and if you want to go to Sea World or Universal, or anywhere off Disney property for that matter, you don’t have to rely on a cab. It’s also great for driving to the resorts where you have dining reservations - makes for a lot easier transportation and less travel time. If you’re a member of DVC and have a one or two bedroom suite, having breakfast (and some dinners) in the suite is quite a money saver. We always stop at Publix on our way to the resort from the airport. Heck - my kids regard it as the first ride at Disney. If your suite isn’t ready, Disney will store and refridgerate your groceries. It all depends on your circumstances. If you’re staying at a resort room and only plan on visiting Disney, the DDP and ME are the way to go - but if you want to do other parks, etc. and are staying somewhere with cooking facilities its better to have a car and access to groceries.


ME and DDP

A small extra perk with ME, you get the cute Disney luggage tags!


Agreed with going off of Disney property and the cab. There is nothing that would ever make me want to go that route. I don’t even want to know what the fare would be from Disney to Universal, especially factoring in traffic.


We use a towncar to take us from the airport to the resort. I’ve always wanted to stop to pick up some milk and water and a few breakfast items, but am always afraid that our room won’t be ready. I didn’t know they will store your groceries until your room is ready. Have you done this llama or is that something you’ve heard? That would be so nice not to have to pay top $$ on milk and water at the resort. Thanks for the tip.


I’ve honestly never heard of them doing that before. I’ve heard that they will refridgerate medicine and things of that nature. But, have never heard of them storing full groceries. It’d probably also depend on the resort in which you are staying as well.


We do it all the time. Everytime we go our circumstances are different. If dh is with us - we always get a car. But I’ve had getaways with my daughters - we’ve taken a towncar from the airport and it’s been no problem at all to have them do a grocery stop for you. Either way, Disney will be happy to hold your groceries.:happy:


Thanks llama. What a nice surprise. I’m sure it will save us some money. Now I can’t wait to go shopping for groceries. How silly is that?