Rental Car at CBR


Can you pick up a rental car at CBR? Not not, what is the company that delivers you the rental car?


There aren’t rental companies located at CBR or any other Disney Resorts that I am aware of.
You will probably have better luck picking up a rental at the airport.


There is car rental on property at the WDW Car Care Center at the Hess Gas Station. It’s Alamo. We returned a car there once and they took us back to the resort, so I’m assuming they’d also come and pick you up to get a car. I believe there may also be car rental at the Swan or Dolphin, and at one of the Downtown Disney hotels. Hopefully someone else has more info. on those.


Also available at the Hilton in DTD and SOG. Enterprise is the p/u advertiser but most are able to pick up or drop off. I used Avis our last trip only because they were the cheapest and I could drop off at DTD with a very minimal charge (picked up at teh airport).
Check all of the web sites and use any club,organization, credit card or occupation affiliations for cheaper prices. Even AAA can help. The companies want to do business and great deals are out there.