Rental Car Desks At Any WDW Resorts?


Does anyone know if any of the WDW resorts have a rental car desk? I know someone that will be at POP Century and wants to rent a car to go to Tampa for the day. I was thinking that there would have to be a better way than getting a taxi to the airport, renting the car, going to Tampa, returning to the airport and then another taxi back to POP. Whew!!

Thanks for any help!


There’s a rental car desk at either the Swan or Dolphin and a car care center by Magic Kingdom where you can rent a car. No need to go all the way to the airport.


YEah the car care center is Alamo, right inside the Magic Kingdom Archway to the left.
You call them and they will come get you with their courtesy van to rent a car.


Alamo has locations at the Dolphin and the Car Car Center, and the Palace. I think they offer shuttle services from various Disney owned hotels.

The Hilton at Dowtown Disney also has a rental car company located there, I believe it is Hertz.


I think its cheaper if you rent a car thats not located in the airport. I know that the front desk will call for you and send a van to come get you


There also is a counter at Shades Of Green.


This is so good to know. We’re thinking that we’ll need to rent a car in March. We’ll be staying at the BWVs and need to go and pick up our kids at the end of their HS trip (the HS kids are heading home early Wednesday morning) and then they’ll stay with us until Saturday and fly home. We are also thinking about going to an offsite activity and wondering how we’d get there…so maybe we’ll rent a car from the Dolphin for a couple of days. How convenient!


We stayed at the Pop last week and we had to rent a car for a couple of days - we just took the bus to MGM and then went over to the Dolphin - super easy! To return it you just give it to the valet guys - that was even easier!


We usually do not rent a car, but on our Family Grand Gathering Vacation in 2005, we decided it would be easier to get Grandma and her trusty companion - the wheelchair - back and forth to some of the other resorts in a car. We researched and found it was actually less expensive to rent at the Car Care Center on Disney property and use ME to go back and forth to the airport. I don’t remember specific pricing, but I know we rented on site because the cost was much lower.


Yes the airport levy’s additional fee’s that do not apply to non-airport locations.