Rental Car help please


DH and I always use Enterprise car rental when we go away b/c I get a discount with my union card. We’ve always loved their service, especially the many times we’ve used them in California. For June we would really love to fly into LAX, do Disneyland for 4 days, Palm Springs for 2 days, then end in Vegas for 3 nights. I found an awesome price on a flight into LAX and leaving from Las Vegas, but Enterprise doesn’t allow you to rent in Cali and drop off in Vegas.

Does anyone know any companies that allow this? I thought it would have been pretty common out there since Cali is SO BIG and many people travel out to the desert, etc.


Hertz does.

I suspect Thrifty might.

I used to fly into LAX, then drop the car off in San Diego, using my beater that I had stored there.

Sometimes they charge an extra fee.

GO to, and look up rental cars.

They will offer you the choices of the companies that do offer that service.


Just a follow up.

When you go to the website, you have to click on the one way rentals link.

And, just to make sure, it appears there are three rental agencies that will help you out:



Thank you!! I am going to check out those companies!! I bet they are going to charge and arm and a leg for picking up and dropping off in two different states, I will compare all of them. Thanks :happy:


Actually, the range is from no charge to $100.00 or so.

Not as bad as you would think. :laugh:


rockin’! :happy:


Let us know how you make out! :happy: