Rental car help


OK, my brain just got overloaded and is on shut down and I am on the verge of an anxiety attack! I need some help finding a good deal on a rental car for August 21 pickup 10:00pm and dropoff August 29 8:00 am.

I would prefer an agency from inside the airport and not have to be shuttled. I have been searching and putting in every code I can find. I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Any help would be appreciated!


What kind of car do you want? Mini-van, compact, etc.


OK, too slow. These are by far the best deals I can find:

Compact: $189.06
Intermediate: $217.06
Full Size: $273.26
Mini-van: $314.19

These prices are for the 8 days, and include all taxes and fees, so they are the amounts you would pay for everything (less insurance, gas, etc). They are through Dollar, which I really like, and they are in the terminal.


I agree with Mickey go with Dollar!!! Use the code MAG it gives you 10% off their lowest rate at the time!!! I have 11 days for $407!!!


I think there is a better deal than MAG out there. When are you going and what type of car do you have?


Thanks for doing some searching Mickey, did you use any special codes? I am looking for an intermediate size car. I actually got $192 from dollar through It just doesnt seem to compare with the deals that everyone else is getting.


I used VFGET, which is by far the best deal I could find. Funny, I checked, and couldn’t find anything even close. Then again, I won’t use Alamo at all, I avoid them no matter what.

A couple of years ago, you could get a compact for about $100 per week including taxes, but not any more. I checked everywhere, and nothing comes anywhere near that $192. Make sure that includes all of the taxes and the extra day you have it. The taxes on the intermediate car I found were close to $60.

I found one of the first ones was dollar for an intermediate at $115 a week and then extra day at $31 . They says $46 in taxes.

I wonder if there are any coupons or discounts that I can add to it.