Rental car on property


How do I rent a car from Disney property. Some off site hotels have car rental places on site. Thanks!


I just posted this info. in the other thread, so here it is again:
There is car rental on property at the WDW Car Care Center at the Hess Gas Station. It’s Alamo. We returned a car there once and they took us back to the resort, so I’m assuming they’d also come and pick you up to get a car. I believe there may also be car rental at the Swan or Dolphin, and at one of the Downtown Disney hotels. Hopefully someone else has more info. on those.


DO the car rental places on property tend to be more expensive than at the airport?


I have rented from the airport and it was cheap. Even dropped it off at the Hilton in DTD. I was arriving by plane from a business trip 8 hours before DW/DD/DS.

Check the web for the best prices. All of the companies are trying to attract clients. Use any affiliate discounts you might have (work, credit card, organization). Book a pick up that is convienient and go from there. There are many prices depending on what company you use and what your needs are. Avis gave me the best price. Rentals are available at the Hess station by MK, at SOG, and the Hilton in DTD. Or pickup @ the airport if that is easier.


I was just checking this the other day because we’re flying into Tampa to stay with family before heading to Disney, then we’re going home from Orlando. It was a little more expensive to pick-up in Tampa and drop off in Orlando than just picking up and returning to the same airport, so for the heck of it I checked the on-property locations. I only looked at Alamo, but for my dates in Aug. it was significantly more expensive to pick-up a car at WDW and return it to the airport. I’m still trying to figure out what we’re going to do.


Check multiple web sites. Rates change daily. You can even set alerts on some of the sites if a certain class/size of vehicle comes available at a certain price (Expedia/Travelocity/Hot Wire/Priceline). You can also call the companies local office and see if they will give you a discount. And don’t forget to try one of the other drop off sites on 535 or 192 just outside the gates. $50-100 bucks is found $$ if you can make it work. MORE WDW STUFF!!! :happy:


Do you have a way from Tampa to WDW? If so are you staying on site? If so book Magical Express from your resort to the Orlando Airport.