Rental car or not?


I always get a rental car for when Im at WDW and was thinking about not geting this time. Im stuck and dont know what to do. Should I rely on Disney transportation or get a rental compact car for 9 days for $195ish? I dont think I will be leaving WDW but I did want to go to the factory store and buy pins… What should I do?


We always have a car and have always found a reason to use it. If you think you may want to venture off property, then go for it.


It just depends on your intentions for the time you are there. Even when we drive to WDW, we park the car just that one time, and it never moves until we head home. I just like the idea of letting someone else doing the driving, and their transportation is wonderful. Have never had a problem in all my trips there.


I don’t think it’s worth it unless you are staying at a huge resort with multiple bus stops or are going off property. You can just get pins on ebay before you go and won’t even have to go to the outlets…less money spent on the extra things is more money to spend on WDW things…least that is how I look at it…lol


Sometimes we have a car (if we drive) and sometimes we don’t (if we fly) and we never use it. We like Disney transportation and find it relaxing to use it. Last summer we had a car and didn’t think to use it once the whole 2 weeks we were there.


It is nice to have a car to go to the outlets but overall I would say don’t worry about renting a car. We drove this past trip and the only time we used our car was when we went to the outlets and when we moved over to Universal. If one day you really want to go to the outlets you could always get a cab or something. Or maybe you could set aside one day for outlets and just rent the car that day???


We rely on WDW transportation. We have ventured off property before and rented for just one day from the Dolphin Alamo.


I think that Im gonna say forget the car and just start getting the pins off Ebay…Good idea everyone…