Rental Car Special


I just found a stunningly good rental car rate on the Alamo Hot Deals. Basically, I got a compact car for $20 plus taxes picked up at the Dolphin hotel. That is darn cheap.

Go to the Alamo page and either click the Hot Deals tab to find it or use I.D. / Corp I.D. code 7014691 from the reservation page.

Three day rental cost me $78.21 total! :laugh::laugh:


That’s a great deal, thanks for passing it on.


No problem. I was shocked. There are some tweaks to it like only 1 driver is included, etc.


Wow! I’m going to check that out. I already have Alamo booked for our Aug. trip, so it would be nice to re-book at a better rate!


Which of the Hot Deals did you select to get that? I wanted to see what the requirements/dates were.


The one that I chose was the one listed at $20 a day. It actually expires in December.


Thanks! I’ll check it out.


From what I see, that’s a weekend special with a 4 day maximum, so unfortunately it won’t work for us.


I would love a deal like this for a minivan in October! No chance, huh?


I guess not. My only advice is to sign up for the Hot Deals e-mail and keep checking for new deals.