Rental car vs Disney transportation


I would like to hear everyones opinion on whether they feel the bus system is adequate for park hopping in august or some other type of transportation would be better? Well be at POR in August and I have had my own transportatio 3 out of 4 trips to the world but have never used Disney transportation ON property.


Bus system is more than adequate, especially at Magic Kingdom where I would bet that transportation back to/from the parking lot is more difficult than hopping a bus back to/from your hotel.

We rented a car 4 years ago and it literally sat in the parking lot for the entire week. Getting to/from Hertz, Alamo, etc. and getting your car takes more time and costs more than current transporation alternatives (Magic Express, Quicksilver, etc.) Unless you plan to go offiste to other attractions, it is a waste.


I don’t think the question is about adequacy of Disney transportation. I think the question is a matter of preference. We just don’t want to ride the busses. Ever. I don’t mind the boats, but busses: no.

We usually stay in the Epcot area and use the launches between Epcot and MGM. Then we take our car to MK, AK and any other place like water parks. The biggest drawback to not having a car is the difficulty of getting from one resort to another should you choose to eat at another resort.


I stayed at the Contemporary just a few weeks ago, we took the bus once to MGM and back but other than that we used our car for the parks that weren’t on the monorail. The bus system works great but I didn’t like waiting for the bus or having a bus arrive that’s already pretty full. They seem to run relatively frequently but for me and DW we liked the quickness of jumping into the car and going to our next park without waiting or being elbow to elbow. In some cases cheek to cheek and I don’t mean the cheek on the other persons face.


Ha! Or sometimes one of each! :laugh:


We’ve done both. Personally, we’ve never had a problem with the bus system. A glitch or two here and there, but that’s going to happen anywhere.

We’ve generally rented a car while we’re there because we usually visit both Sea World and Universal. For Disney we usually take the car to MGM, Epcot and AK. I would NEVER take a car to the MK. Way too much hassle. The buses are definitely a better choice. Personally, the Disney transportation that I try to avoid is the boats to MGM and the one to the MK from WL. I’ve always found them maddeningly slow, claustrophobic and the smell of the diesel fuel makes me nauseous. When my dd and I were at WDW in March we used Disney buses exclusively and found the service to be excellent.

Once again, it’s matter of personal choice. But if you’re not leaving Disney property during your stay, I’d say go with Disney transportation.


We’re on our way to our 4th August trip this year, 3rd on property. We never rent and are working on convincing the Grandparents they don’t need the stress of driving unfamiliar roads. (He would be the one you saw shaking his fist :nonono2: , more in confusion than anger). For us, going in August means accepting a slow, southern pace (a nice change for a northerner) :happy: . Some relaxing people watching at the bus stop and talking to the 5 yr old in the next seat about her day are all part of the fun. 16 year olds just don’t quite have that same glow about them.

We did have a car for a day or so, we thought it would be easier to take it for an evening run to MGM. The problem, walking all the way across that huge parking lot! :pinch: Buses drop you a lot closer.

My 2 cents.

(I should mention, we go after the local kids are back in school. I understand crowds drop significantly, that may be a factor if the crowds were really high.)


I was thinking about starting out using the Disney busses and then if Im not happy, renting a car to drive out Universal for a day. The busses Im familiar with are the ones that service the Hotels that arent Disney resorts but are on their propertuy out by DTD. I wonder if its a different system?


Yes - it is a different system.


the one reason i would rent a car or use taxis is if you have a sit down dinner everynight they arent always at the park you are in. taking the bus can take very long and thats time not spent in the parks. on our first night at por last year we needed to get to the Hoop Dee Doo show. didnt know that we needed to take the bus to mk and then to the resort. resulting in a bus ride with waiting (according to cm) of 1 1/2 hours. we would have then missed our dinner and been charged $150.00 for missing the show. ended up taking the taxi (our ony option at that point) for a 10 min ride for $12.00. sooooooooooo worth it. we were hooked after that for taxis. and the show was awesome!


I saw the price of a car for the week and was shocked about the price, very affordable.

$150-$200. I saw a dodge charger for $207 total for 8 days. I was planning on paying $100 for Quicksilver. FOr the extra hundred bucks I could get some groceries at anytime.

I would use the bus service to get to the parks. I thkn it would be a headache getting in and out fo the parks. Even if i have to wait in the morning for the bus i always find it qiucker getting back to the resort. I would use the car to get around to each resort for meals. Also I could head down to seaworld or universal for the day.


Also do you find it easy to get around the disney area? Im pretty good with getting around. I spent two weeks in san fransico and yosemite last august and got a good feel of the area real quick.


There are signs everywhere. I always find it helpful to have the passenger watching out for signs for you, because sometimes the sign telling you where to turn is a good distance from where the turn is itself. So it helps to have someone else looking and not distracting you. But they do have signs for everything and everywhere. You’ll do fine driving if you’re careful.

Our first 4 or 5 times at WDW we never missed a single turn. Once we figured we knew where we were, we got careless and distracted and missed turns a few times. :whistling


Ddoll is 100% right, there signs everywhere and they make it very easy to get around but pay attention. It also helps to know what resorts are by specific parks. For example you will see a sign that says Epcot Resorts or Magic Kingdom resorts and you need to follow that sign to get to another sign that may list your specific resort.


Different perspective here. We live in south Florida, so we drive up. Once on property, I try to use the car as little as possible. However, there are some times you’ll need it. We’ve driven down to Animal Kingdom as many times as I’ve ridden the bus. I probably drive to the water parks, because it’s just easier when you’re carrying a bunch of beach garbage with you. There are a few times that you’ll hear “you can’t get there from here” with the buses, but if you plan your day, those issued can be minimized. Another time you’ll want a car is if you’re hungry after all the food places close inside the world, so you need a car to get out to IHOP. Otherwise, Disney Transport is the way to go. These aren’t dirty city buses, even if that’s what they look like. But I also guess that if you haven’t grown up as a commuter, you probably can’t deal with a crowded bus.


We have stayed at POR resort twice. Both times we rented a car. The reason is if you want to go to any resorts to dine, it is a huge pain and time consuming process.
We used the bus for the MK and drove to all other places it was just easier for us. When we have stayed at the monrail resorts, we never rent a car. The bus and monrail pretty much take us where ever we want to go!
So for us it is just a matter of convience.


How difficult will it be to get to and from the water parks from our resort on the bus? Ive always just driven before.


It’s doable. Just grab the bus marked Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. I’d suggest trying to take the minimum amount of stuff with you though.


If someone does use a rental car do you have to pay for park parking if you are staying on property. would park parking be free it you are staying at a disney resort?


I believe the parking is free.