Rental Cars other than at Airport?


Has anyone picked up a rental car at any other spots at WDW? I know you can do so at the Car Care Center by the MK and also at a desk at the Dolphin as well as at several Downtown Disney Hotels. Has anyone used any of these spots? If so, what were your experiences?



[QUOTE=packerbeth;874939]I got mine from what used to be called the Grosvenor; I don’t remember the new name. It’s at DTD. We took DME to the resort, then took the bus over to DTD. We shopped for a while then walked to the resort (after looking all around for the Grosvenor!) I was the only one picking up a car and was helped right away. I reserved a compact but got a PT Cruiser! The only downside was I didn’t read the fine print and he didn’t explain about the $250 hold on my checking account since I used a debit card. (I wrote a complaint letter and got $50 to use toward my next rental. It’s the only reason I’m renting a car this trip! Cuts my cost to about $49 for 4 days!)

Anyway, it’s a fine place to pick up a car. If you were staying at a DTD resort, I’d highly recommend it; otherwise there’s a bit of travel involved. This time, I’m picking it up at the airport since we’re just taking carryon bags![/QUOTE]

Thanks, Packerbeth! Hey, have fun on your trip!!


I used Alamo at the Car Care Center inside MK for p/u only.

No problems except I forgot to bring my airline ticket with me because I was using my debit card!:pinch: No problem though cuz we worked it out!

It was kind of busy and I had to wait a bit, there were 2 or 3 ppl ahead of me and 1 person at the counter! :huh:

That was the only bad thing.

Also you might have less cars to pick from. I usually book mid-size and they didnt have much left to pick from, than say the airport!

But I would definately use them again!!! Just I would make sure I brought my airline ticket with me! :laugh:


Hertz Car Rental has a kiosk conveniently located in the Shades of Green lobby.


Hertz has locations at:

Disney’s Shades of Green
Caribe Royale Hotel
Hyatt Grand Cypress
Gaylord Palms Resort
Wyndham Orlando Resort


Can’t remember the name of the place we used last time. I think it was Hertz but back in 2003 before ME exsisted. We took a free shuttle bus with our luggage to the rental place where our car was waiting for us. Absolutely no problems. This time our rental car is at Alamo at the airport.