Rental request for Grand Floridian


(I was on Mousebuzz years ago, but had to open a new account when I tried to login today. I was TaraRae82 before.)

I am interested in renting points for our trip Sept 4-12 (or 13) at Grand Floridian. We would want a studio lake view. There are 2 adults, 3 children ages 9, 7, 4. Does anyone have points available? You can email me at



Nothing to rent but just wanted to say WELCOME BACK!

best of luck finding points.

(I will share this on the DA Facebook Group for you)


Thank you! I didn’t know about all the changes so trying to log back in was a feat! I’m excited to be planning another trip this year, and fulfilling my oldest kiddo’s wish of a stay at the Grand. We usually do Poly, and were there for Hurricane Irma this year. It was fascinating!


Welcome back Tara! Here’s hoping you get that reservation. I’m always in borrow mode so can’t help but I’m sure someone out there will be able to assist. Looking forward to a trip report, hearing how the family liked the resort.


Welcome back Tara. I felt your pain (logging in), the struggle was real :smile:


When did all of these changes happen? It’s been years since I was active here. I don’t love the new layout. It seems difficult to navigate at first glance.


At first it didn’t flow for me either (format more like new technology, and I’m “old school”) but now I’ve gotten the hang of things. I just hit “latest” after hitting the three lines in the top right corner and it brings up all the threads I haven’t seen since last time I was on.


I like the new interface. It takes a little getting use to but has a lot of great ne features.

I have 9 badges already!


I like it. I’ve got 6 already. Not sure how many there are, or even what they’re for. I’m just figuring things out as I go.