Renting a car


if you rent cars with National/Alamo be careful they have been
sold to Enterprise and that means that they may start charging
for miles and all that other stuff. Pretty soon we won’t have a choice
on the car rental company’s!


This is not exactly breaking news. Enterprise bought them mid-year 2007.

Enterprise historically has been in a different market than National/Alamo, thusly the different way they charge their rates. They weren’t in the tourist/renting to business travelers market like National/Alamo and Hertz were. I am pretty sure National/Alamo will stay inline with Hertz. Since it is now two years since the purchase, this is how it has pretty much played out.


Here in Detroit everyone was let go at airport that worked for National
last week so Enterprise people could take over. People that have been there 20-25 years.