Renting a Car?


On our last trip, we were left in a tight spot when our airline cancelled our flight. Instead of a direct flight to Orlando, we re-routed through Charlotte, NC, and Tampa, FL. From there, we rented a car to get to Disney. Since we were kind of figuring things out as the day went along (I don’t recommend it for anyone) we went with the lowest rental price (probably not smart either, but we were already spending hundreds more that day than we had planned)

Somehow, we ended up renting from Alamo. It was almost effortless. In and out in less than 10 minutes, and on our way to Disney. A tip worth noting: Compact cars aren’t always cheapest. In our case, they had an over-abundance of full-sized cars, so we were able to get a full-size for less than a compact. We only used a 1/4 of a tank to get from Tampa to Orlando.

The last and best thing about renting from Alamo was returning the car. We were staying at Boardwalk and as it turned out an Alamo is at the Dolphin. The guys pulled up at the Dolphin, asked where to go to return the car, the valet said to park it on the curb hand him the keys and they were done!

It was one of the few things that went right that day, we were so grateful.

Interesting note: We ride PeopleMover everytime we visit, it’s a tradition. It wasn’t until this trip that we noticed it was sponsored by Alamo.


What a great experience that turned out to be for you!!

DH and I will be renting a car this upcoming trip in May for the first few days of out trip. We are planning to use it to go back and forth to the Universal parks for a couple days then onto Disney Parks.

We are going to rent from the airport and return at the Dolphin so I’m glad to hear just how easy that drop off was for your group!! We are not renting through Alamo but rather National as my DH gets a great company discount through them that we can’t beat!!

Thanks again for sharing your story…I have hope that this car rental thing might not be so time consuming after all!!


I didn’t know that about returning the Alamo car to the Dolphin- thats worth knowing.


There are 2 rentals on property- Dolphin and SoG. Thinking maybe since neither do DME, idk.


Alamo is great to rent from, but since the nearest one from is about an hour away it won’t be the one I will be renting from. I normally rent from Enterprise but found out Hertz is much cheaper and they usually upgrade us everytime I go! I’m gonna need a mid sized suv this time so maybe i can get it at a mid sized car price! (hey it never hurts to dream, ask Walt!)
Glad you had a good experence with your trip, it could have easily turn bad quickly!


Hertz is also at the DTD hotel location along w/ SoG as mentioned.


Hertz is the official rental agency for AAA and you can get a great discount. We are planning on renting a mini van to drive to WDW as it will be more comfortable than an extended cab p/u. I found Hertz to be the cheapest.

We’ve rented from both Alamo and Dollar. We had issues with our car one year and were able to turn it in to Alamo on WDW property and get a new car with no problem. With Dollar, I signed up for the membership. We went to the check in at the airport (Tampa) and no one was in the membership line and several in the non membership line. They took me next and we were rewarded with a free upgrade to a Chrysler 300 from a mid size. DH was in heaven driving it around.


If you"re a BJ’s wholesale member you get great deals also :wink:.


and has loads of rental car discount codes. I used one one year for Dollar and for 10 days we rented a car for under $350 total.


Great tip! I forgot to mention that. I do think checking out Mousesavers is worth the while. While sitting in the airport trying to decide what to do, I popped onto Mousesavers at the suggestion of another Disney fan. There are some good tips and suggestions, and more importantly, the coupon codes and discounts you mentioned.


the last few trips we have flown Allegiant direct into Sanford (about 45 minutes away from Disney, an additional 20 minutes from the Orlando International Airport). We always rent from National. In and out very easy.

We find having a car a great benefit. DH can zip out to the store and grab snacks for the room.

And, if you have dining reservations at another resort its must easier to get to with a car.

Sounds like you had a great experience with Alamo, but I have always found them to be more pricey.


We always have a car when we go it’s easier to come and go as you please then to be tried to the bus system, and to be able to go off property.


I’ve been in san antonio since august and have yet to see an alamo rental place here. Ironic huh?