Renting a House


Has anyone had any luck in the Disney area renting a house for a week??


We have a member here ‘swak’ who bought a house in the area and is renting it out. You might want to send him a PM


I was thinking about him when I read this thread. I didn’t rent his house but I did rent DVC points from skwak and had a excellent experience.


We have rented houses many times, just by searching online. Try to pick a home that has lots of pictures of the house inside and out and tells you exactly how far away you are from the Disney parks.


We have always rented a villa as it just worked better for our family. I really liked this area the last time we went. It was easy access to the highway and we were inside the gates at all the parks in about 15 minutes.

The Abbey at West Haven villa and rental home community in Orlando, Florida


WE know of quite a few people who have rented properties in the Disney area and they have all had a very positive experience.
I think its probably best to do a bit of research into exactly where the property would be situated so you can calculate how long it would take to get to the parks etc.


I have not rented a home, but this site is mentioned a LOT on all the various WDW forums. You night check it out and see if it is interesting:
Orlando Vacation Homes, Orlando Vacation Rentals, Disney Vacation Homes


There are several very good villa rental companies out there. I would never go back to staying in an hotel after staying in a vacation home.


How much space do you need? I can tell you that Marriott has a beautiful 3-bedroom villa situation just moments from WDW on the World Center property. It is lovely, and if you book well ahead, you can get seriously low prices! It is called Imperial Palm Villas,if you’re interested.


The last time we went on our trip we rented a home in Clermont. It was close to the parks and a very nice and quiet get away. It was most definately like staying in your own home while on vacation. You could be in one room watching TV or whatever while the kids were out in the pool/hottub or whatever.

We stayed at this place I found on VRBO called Chatty’s Dream. The owner was VERY easy and pleasant to work with and I would HIGHLY recommend their place to anyone!! It was a 4 bedroom with laundry & game room and had a pool and hottub/jacuzzi. It featured 2 master bedrooms both with KING size beds too!! How nice is that?!?

I have no vested interest in this place whatsoever but I wanted to share the pleasant experience our family had staying in a rental home.

I used to LOVE staying on Disney property when our daughter was younger. It most definately has it’s pluses but now that our daughter is an adult, the thought of staying in a hotel with screaming, uncontrollable children whose parents don’t make mind, just isn’t our idea of a relaxing vacation. We get enough of that during the day in the parks…don’t want to listen to it at night.


Hey! I am going to go find you a thread from LittleMissMagic, that had photos of a whole Disney-themed house! Hang on a minute… be right back.


OK back! ((pant pant!))

Here is the link. This is a cool house and might be just the thing!



MissDisney…I believe that house is in California…


Oh nooooooo…

That would make getting to Epcot for rope drop a huge problem! LOL


There are actually quite a few Disney themed houses there. The competition for renters has gone way up.


Thanks all for your help…the research is on;)


May try to get A Treehouse Villa. Quiet, close, clean, luxurious, no deposit, no cleaning costs= perfect. Why mess with the traffic and parking charge.


FYI: the difference in price would be enormous…well beyond the price of parking.