Renting a Minivan?


Has anyone else noticed the scarcity of minvan rentals in Orlando? We used to rent them all the time and the companies had loads of them on hand. Now we have 5 of us goin on this trip and are again in need of a large vehicle and are finding it very difficult to find. We can find some large SUV’s but they are very pricey.

Anyone had any luck with renting a larger care recently?


Enterprise is where I used to rent my minivans from . . . until I bought one! :blush:


I just noticed that they certainly are a lot more expensive to rent than in the past. We had rented one on past trips, but recently we’ve just squeezed into a Fullsize b/c the minivans are about twice as much!


Speaking of renting cars, I just looked online for my grandparents to rent a full size today through Monday and they wanted to charge almost $90.00 a day. So, DH just called and the same car was quoted at $28.50 a night. Maybe you should try calling instead of just looking online.


I’m a little late checking in on this, but I agree. The price-jump between mini-vans and the next smallest model is remarkable.

We’re heading down with our 3 kids next May (5 of us altogther) and the mini-van rental will almost equal the airfare. So we’ll probably end up driving.


When in Orlando we always just got a full size car for the five of us. However, the kids are now much bigger and would need a mini-van. Mini-van’s have always been more expensive.


Check out hotwire, I just got a full size car for $19 and some change a day. You do not pay anything to them, it is just a reservation they make for you with the rental company.


Hertz has done well by us with minivans over the years. They aren’t the cheapest, but we usually book with the AAA discount. The vehicles are always clean and they don’t smell like an ashtray. :blow:


Just beware of you use a third party such as this, it can be a good deal unless you have to make changes. We went that route for our trip in Arizona, but to add a second driver, they were going to charge us double. Then, we had a family emergency where we needed to get home early. $500 fee if we were to drop the van off at a different location.


The only thing I don’t like about Hertz is it’s off the Orlando Itn. airport grounds. I wish they would put a Hertz AT the airport!! And I agree the cars are cleaner than other companies.
I have noticed you really have to shop around now.


When we went last year, we had 6 people with us. A minivan was cost prohibitive, so we rented two economy class cars. It worked out just as well as it gave some in our group the freedom to leave the parks without having to come back for others. We will be renting a minivan for our trip in Feb. as I was able to get a good deal through our employer’s discount with Avis. I think it’s pretty much a hit or miss thing.