Renting a scooter


My grandma is coming with us this time and I think we should rent one of those scooters that I see all over the parks. Anyone know where I can get one?

Also, I think she might want to walk a bit of the time and use it when she gets tired. I was thinking we can park it somewhere, like at the entrance of a busy ride, and come back when we need it. Can we take it on the bus? The monorail? Any experience or ideas with this?


We rented from Walker Mobility when my father traveled with us- they brought it to our resort and picked it up at the end of our vacation. Yes, you can take it on the bus and monorail.


We rented from one of the sites from they delivered it to my FIL room. Yes, you can get it one the bus and yes, she can park it and walk should she so desire.


I would definitely look into a company to bring one to you, vs. renting one in the parks, as they are around $50 per day.


I priced one for a week rental from a company that delievers to the resort and I remember it was going to be about $175 for a week not that bad.


We used Apple Scooter company in April, great service and the best prices to boot. They deliver and pick up as well.:biggrin:


A little OT …I have a question about the use of the scooter. Is the bus driver allowed to put the scooter on the lift or ramp for the bus. My sister (if she ever came) would be one to walk at bit, ride, walk a bit. But might feel very uneasy trying to get in on the bus. More than once I’ve seen a elderly person trying and trying to do the ramp. I’m sure it’s very frustrating for them knowing 2 million people are watching them. I feel the same way when forced to parallel park in phila. I need the space for semi to park a compact. Back in the day I could park with only inches to spare.