Renting a stroller?


Looks like we will rent a stroller for a week in Oct. do not want to rent one from the parks, any one with expierence we are glad to listen. Its for a 2 year old


I can’t answer your question, but I am curious about why you’re not bringing your own stroller?


I don’t have any recent experience, but we always rented a sturdy one at each park. I know there is a company in Orlando where you can rent all kinds of equipment but you will need to google to find it. The last I heard they were rather expensive—more so than the stroller rental at the parks.

If you need stroller use 24/7, I think I would bring my own from home. They make rather sturdy umbrella strollers that cost less than the total cost of renting one…Just my thoughts. :smile:


use these guys


We will be flying and really don’t want to tug around ours which is larger than a smaller one we can rent. Seems like it could be a problem on plane and at airport and the ME bus. Just thinking I guess


…go to the link that Dana gave…I just went to look and it’s definitely less expensive than what our friends paid to rent a stroller there…

You can check your stroller on the plane—you can take it down the ramp to the plane door and they will take it from you and bring it up upon landing…and I have seen people with a stroller on ME in the past…but if you just want to rent, this site looks reasonable.


I’ve always found it so much easier to have a stroller at the airport with a little one. Slight pain going through security, but it just makes it so much easier for everything else. You gate check it, then pick it up again right there outside the plane to wheel back through the airport.


The site I linked you to, drops off at your resort with bell services so you don’t have to be present. they pick it up the same way - it works just like a scooter rental except it’s a stroller. I have had no issue with this company. The strollers are in good condition, clean and in working order.


Thanks so much, will check this gs out. I like the less items at the airport the quicker things go. Don’t mind caring her since we do have help. Thanks again


I have used this company twice. Both times- stellar results. The strollers were very clean, and they reclined- which was huge. Get the rain cover and the insurance…We loved this company and are using them again in June… They are great.


We used Orlando Stroller Rentals last year. It worked out really well. We did not take a stroller because our youngest is 6 and doesn’t use a stroller. She got sick a couple days into the trip and just couldn’t walk all day long. Of course, she didn’t want to hang in the room all day. I went on their website and had a stroller the next day. It was there promptly and very clean, which was my biggest worry. I was definitely worth every penny.

BTW, Holly, I live in Warren, Ohio - small world. Oh, dang now the song is in my head:eek:


If it’s a hassle to bring one your self, you’re going to be impressed with their rental.


We always used a cheap umbrella stroller for our trips. We gate checked it when we got on the plane, and took it everywhere with us. They get pretty small for bus rides if we wanted to fold them up, and when the trip was over they usually got donated somewhere.