Renting dvc can't confirm


I am renting points for a January vacation. I have previously called and confirmed my reservations, but beginning August 1st member services would no longer confirm reservations or add dining or park tickets to a person renting points who is not a dvc member. I feel comfortable with the person I am renting from, but this has to be scary for a lot of people now putting even more trust in a stranger. Is this Disney’s way to deter members from renting points?


i would probably say yes.


Well, my first thought would be that this technique is to ensure that they are doing business with their clients, members of the DVC. Technically, in my opinion, when you rent points you become the client (for lack of a better word) of the actual member so I would assume you would only work with them. Member services is only open for a short period of time per day and specific days, so their new policy of dealing with members only is probably to ensure that members get what they need.

Who knows, that would have just been my first assumption.


One other item to consider is that members pay for this service, it is included in our annual dues. So, my guess is that only servicing DVC members is a way to keep costs down.


Is the reservation system for dvc completely separate from the other reservation system. If I have my reservation number will it not show up in the system if I call the 407- wdisney number? Just wondering.


i can understand where they are coming from. they are trying to keep the DVC and it’s perks for it’s members. if we all started renting out the points, disney might as well do it themselves.


That is correct. There used to be a time where they were closed for lunch and all weekend. It is possible they may be in the same building as CRO, but they are separate systems.


they ask for your member number and last 4 digits of your SS#. unelss you have this person’s info, i do not think they will help you…


Why not asking the family that your renting from to make the reservations for you?:blush: