Renting DVC Points


I am a DVC member and has not had to check out these sites, but I have had a coworker asking me if people do this. I have seen that you can rent points from other members but I could not tell him where to go. Could my fellow MBers help me out with some good DVC renting point sites that are out there so I could pass along the info to my co worker.


There are several brokers who rent points but you can post here what they are looking for and members who have points available will respond. This is the best way as someone who has 50 points left won’t reply to someone who wants a grand villa at BLT for a week.

You may find someone who has posted that they have points to rent. Also check out which has an active for rent forum.


Well is is looking for 5 days in December to the Aulani resort in Hawaii. I’ve already figured the points and it will be about 184 points needed for a 1 bedroom standard view.


Since that is more than 7 months away, he will need to get someone with Aulani points. But people with those points are very few, and people who will rent them out are fewer.

So you can try and wait one more month. That is the best way to book this.