Renting from a dvc member


I think I got must of this renting understood. But I do have another question. When you decided where you are going to stay,and rent from a dvc member,do you pay all up front,or deposit down first then the rest later? I am very interested in renting next year sometime(not sure when) and would like to know exactly what to except. Thanks for any help.


You should place a deposit to hold the reservation and have the rest held in trust until you actually check in. Here is a helpful thread on renting points that will explain this better.


If you know the person, and trust them, go ahead and pay upfront. For most rentals, I would put the money in escrow until you arrive just to make sure.


I am renting from someone I know, so I gave her a deposit in good faith and I am going to pay the balance a month before I leave. That’s in a month! YAY!!!