Renting points question


How many points do you need to rent a 2 bedroom at a DVC resort for 7 nights? Any help appreciated. I am just looking into other options for next trip. Thanks.


Dana, when do you want to go? The price changes through the year.


LOL, nevermind:

Beach Club Villas: 282
Boardwalk Villas: 282/236
Old Key West: 232
Saratoga Springs: 255
Villas at Wilderness Lodge: 282

This is for 7 nights in October, 2 bedroom villa. Remember no housekeeping.

Let me know, I may have enough points to sell you if you like. I was going to ask $11 per point, but I would do $10 for you. I know I have 252 points, but I could borrow a few if needed.

Rememer also that Friday and Saturday nights are more expensive, so you could cut off one night and save quite a bit.


Dana - here is a link that I found helpful also…
:mickey: Good Luck!!!


There’s a points calculator in the DVC section of that’s quite helpful. Just plug in your dates, resort, and room type and it gives you the point count for each night of your stay. Then just multiply that number by the price per point named by your “DVC landlord.”


Wow, Mickey - you are so helpful AND nice! That’s a good deal :c)


So, if I went to OKW at 232 points for the week, it would cost me $2320 to rent the points from you. I would then need passes and I figured that to be a total of $1344 for the six of us…3 for 8 days and 3 for 6 days all with park hopping. That is $1,000 cheaper (give or take a few $$) than going to POFQ. However, there is no dining plan with DVC right and there is always the possible discount on the packages…What is your advice here? The extra room and having us all together would be great, but that dining plan is ever so tempting and may be the biggest deal when you figure the cost of feeding 6 for dinner at a sit down restaurant. I’m so confused. :huh: help mickey. I of course would want to rent from someone I “know” so if you think this is a better deal than the package, then I will rent them from you.


Dana, how much is a room at POFQ? I feel math challenged. Doesn’t the points deal amount to $331 per night which would make it $165 for each POFQ room? I guess I really don’t know the prices of anything but the values.

It sure seems like it would be fun for you to try the DVC points. But having to feed 3 men/boys could cost a lot.


Dana needs 2 rooms, that is why she is looking at a 2 bedroom villa.

True, no dining plan with DVC, right now, though it is possible, according to rumors, you might be able to do it starting in 2006. That is a tough question. The dining plan is great to have, but one nice thing about the villas is you have a full kitchen, so all your breakfasts are taken care of, and some of the dinners can be as well.

OKW is beautiful, take a look at some photos:

Old Key West

The photos are of a one bedroom villa, but you just attach a studio to it and you have a two bedroom.


Dana, why not two studios at OKW…you could do those for 82 points each room (164 total) for the week…

That is as long as you don’t need a full kitchen (which I prefer not to have while on vacation!!! hehehe!)


You have me just about sold. What would it be if I rented it from Wednesday - Sunday and then when the boys leave, switch to POFQ.? I don’t need the 2 bedroom villa for just me, DD and DD’s GF. Mickey, send me some prices and you and I will work this out…for sure. I am VERY interested.



A 2 bedroom in October at OKW is 232 total. The points break down like this:
Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thursday nights are all 24 points each night. Friday and Saturday nights are 56 points per night.

A studio at OKW in October is 82 per week. The points break down like this:
Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thursday nights are all 8 points per night per room. Friday and Saturday nights are 21 points per night per room.


Can you get two studios that connect? I don’t want the kids seperated from me and DBF and seriously would prefer to have my DBF in the same room with me. :blush:


Good Question…I didn’t know the answer, so I just called the front desk at OKW to ask and the CM said they can get the rooms NEAR each other (like right next door), but studios DO NOT connect. Too bad it can’t work because you’d save a whole bunch doing it that way! bummer…


Thanks for calling for me…shame that it wouldn’t work. I’ll have to do the two bedroom then…it’s all good. If if works out with mickey, I will rent it from wednesday till sunday. The 3 guys will be leaving then and me and the two girls can move on to POFq or something like that. I’ll have to get mickey to crunch the numbers for me, but I think I am totally sold on this. I hope it works for him.
From Wednesday to Sunday it would cost me $1600 (@$10 a point) and then I could go to POFQ and hopefully get a package with dining for the rest of the trip for me and the girls…hmm I am totally stoked now. Or maybe I could just go to the studio at OKW for the rest of the trip with just me and the girld to avoid that whole moving resort thing that I dread…oh the possiblilites. Amazing how I can be this excited about a trip that is almost a year away…lol


Wow! It sounds like you are on the verge of working this out…maybe even with the dining plan should Mickey’s rumors become truth!!

I can’t wait to see how this works out :c)


I know! I am SO excited already…The whole three tv’s and jet tub is selling me…lolol The kids will each have a tv to watch whatever they want…no fighting. What’s the worse thing they could fight over…bathroom…lol


Since you’re staying on weeknights after the guys leave, I’d recommend staying in a Studio at OKW. It’s so nice there, and at 8 points per night ($10 per point from Mickey) you save so much right there. Oh, and OKW has queen sized beds, where as POFQ has only double beds, not sure if that makes a difference to you. The studios are REALLY roomy too. We stayed there w/BDavis and will be staying there again next month…and March too.
That’s just my 2 cents worth…you won’t be disappointed if you stay there…


So, I will save money by just moving over to a studio when the guys leave…hmm I think that sounds like a plan then. Of course it’s up to mickey and what he has available point wise, but this sounds like a great deal. Thanks to all for their help and opinions on this. :heart:


Dana we have rented points at OKW for our last trip and the upcoming trip. It is a beautiful relaxing resort and is close to DTD (just a boat ride away). I would love to try somewhere else, but it is hard to give up the space of the rooms for the price I pay for 6 days. I am torn as whether to stay there for the trip I am trying to put together in Oct or go with something else. Anyway, back to you I know that you will like it at OKW and am glad things seem to be working out.