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It is looking like we are going to do a family trip in October 2008 and there will be 7 of us, 6 adults and a 5 year old. We are still working out the details but I am going to need to rent some points. I will take any suggestions on where to rent them from and how to do this as it will be the first time for me. Currently we are trying to decide between SSR and OKW and we are also trying to decide what kinds of rooms we want, three studio’s, a two bedroom and a studio, a grand villa but I thought I would see what kind of information I could get.

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We rented points from a long time Mouse Buzzer. We stayed at OKW. We felt safe doing that. Worked out wonderfully!!


I sent you an email.

I have LOTS of SSR resort points to rent. DW decided she wanted to do Alaska cruise this year.

I have a points calculator program that’s great. It has seasons and all DVC resorts.

Anyone who wants it email me a


I rented points for the first time this year. I did alot of reading up on it and found someone who I felt comfortable with. I spoke with them on the phone, we signed a rental agreement that we both felt was fair and I did a 3-way call with MS for them to hear confirm that their reservation was accurate. :mickey:

Don’t be afraid to ask for something that you feel would benefit you in your rental agreement. I picked and chose to make up my own agreement.
Here’s a thread with sample agreements, etc. that you may want to review:
Effective DVC Point Rental Agreements - The DIS Discussion Forums -

Here’s a link where you can check out what points are renting for:
Rent / Trade / Transfer Board - The DVC Boards at - the place to talk DVC and Walt Disney World

Here is a DVC points calculator:
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Thanks for the information. I have been talking with our very own rlcarmichael and we are all booked for our trip.

Thanks again Richard!


Thank you! I know you’ll enjoy your granddaughter. That’s such a great age for kids at WDW!!!


Well…we need more details than that! Where are you staying when are you going!!!


You are all really booked in the same room.

Just kidding!!! :biggrin:


I agree. DETAILS! :cool:


great minds think alike. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: no :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Sorry I haven’t been around but life just got so crazy with Brenda’s dad.

The Details…

We have talked about doing all kinds of different rooms and resorts but we finally made a decision. On the trip will be Brenda and myself (of course), our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter (will be 5 years old when we leave) and Brenda’s parents. While dad was in ICU fighting for his life we kept telling him that he needed to get better and he could go with us to WDW. When he came out of it he said yes they will go.

We are staying at Saratoga Springs Thanks to Richard. We decided on three studios, all in the Springs buildings. All of our reservations have all the reservation numbers on them so we can all be as close together as possible, but we will all still have our own space.

McKayla will be able to go between rooms but if Great Grandpa gets to tired they can go back to the room for some peace and quiet. I am sure McKayla will spend most of the time in our room and that’s just fine with us.

We will be there from October 9th to the 17th. We will be flying down late on the 9th but then we will be ready to start the next day running. I need to get some ECV’s for Mom and Dad. I think I will rent them and have them delivered to the room from an outside dealer that way they will have them at the resort and for downtown Disney too.

Now we just have to keep Grandpa healthy so he can make the trip. He is looking forward to it so hopefully we have bought enough time with the surgery to make it. For those who don’t know Dad has lung cancer. They removed the top lobe of his right lung in the hopes of buying us some more time. We almost lost him after the surgery but right now everything looks good.


Fun times!!! We are renting our points from Richard too for our June trip and so far I am sold on renting points!! He might not ever be able to get rid of me! :laugh:


Us too!! We rented for our Christmas trip and our friends rented so they can join us on our June trip. Richard’s the best!:wub: