Renting Points - What do I do about Tickets and DDP?


Okay, so we are renting points from an absolute wonderful MBer for our November trip. We will be needing Park Hoppers and the DDP. When do we need to get these? Can we get all this added at check in? Do we do this thru the DVC member? Not real sure how to get this done and thought it would be beneficial to others if I asked the question on the forums.


The member will have to add the dining plan (at least 5 days out) for you and you will pay for it at check in. You can get your tickets how ever you want.


DDP has to be added by the member at least 48 hours prior to check in. (You pay at check in though.)

You can add the admission tickets at check in but it’s just as easy and maybe cheaper to buy them online ahead of time. You can also buy them at the Disney Store but not the park hopper option for some reason. (That may have changed - not sure.)


If I buy them online, will it be a seperate ticket to have to keep up with or will it be on our room keys like the other resorts?


I think you can buy from AAA as well and it is cheaper there too-

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