Renting wheel chairs in parks


Has anyone rent a wheel chair on 2017?

Back in Nov, we used one for DH. His knees are shot and disney walking is just too much. The daily rate is/was $12, multiple days $10. Anyway, we weren’t sure if we would use one everyday, so we didn’t want to “buy” 7 days and only use 5. Turns out at the end of the trip, the CM told me the days never expire.

I’m wondering if this is still true.

I know we could probably rent one cheaper off site, but we didn’t want to deal with it on buses and such.


Not sure if it is still true, but it was as of the end of 2016. We had friends at the house in December, and they need to rent one and that is what they were told. A quick call to guest relations would not hurt.