Replacement for Wishes


Are they still having a firework show??? :confused:


They did in March. But maybe that was just for me. They dig me down there.


Hmm, I left Disney in March from my internship and when I left they still had Wishes, so I guess they changed it after I came back home. I’m not sure why they changed it, or if it’s permanent. But I am interested to find out! I love Wishes and it has such a beautiful story to it! But I could see them updating the show!

I wonderrrr! :happy:


What are you all talking about?
No, really. I’m confused.
I think every time I’ve looked at schedules the past couple of months, Wishes was on the schedule every night.
I haven’t heard about a follow on show to Wishes, although I did read somewhere that for a limited period of time, they’d be running Magic, Music, and Mayhem in place of Wishes and then resuming Wishes after the limited run, but I thought that was going to be over the summer.


When is your trip? I’ve checked the Disney site for July hours and Wishes is listed at 10 pm for each night I checked. I’m guessing if there is a different show it will be at the same time.


I need to hang out with you in the world and see about all this extra special treatment I keep hearing about. :ph34r:


Not sure Soundgod, I’m with ya, confuseddd.


I’m with you SG. Everything i’ve read states they’ll run wishes up until the first week of June (rumored to be the 5th), and change it as well as Spectro for the Summer nightastic. Then changing things back after the summer.


I’m pretty sure they are running it through May, because they are offering the Wishes dessert party.


I heard it was a different fireworks show for Summer, but I don’t think that starts til June with the ELP. Maybe I am wrong, but that is what I heard. It is just for the summer though.


Yeah, they might be changing the fireworks for a limited time to coincide with the arrival of the Electrical Light Parade!


Please tell me that this will be running while I’m there from 8/22 - 8/31! MM&M beats the SNOT out of wishes.


Only if they shoot all the perimeter stuff.


It looks like the rumors are true! One of my managers more or less confirmed it…MAGIC, MUSIC AND MAYHEM WILL BE THE SUMMER FIREWORKS SHOW FOR THE NIGHTASTIC SERIES!!! Not sure on the perimiters every night.


My own experience, as is yours, is that when HalloWishes and Holiday Wishes are performed on non party nights, the perimeter bursts are all cut, and I’m assuming this is a cost issue along these lines: “We can afford the extra expense for the hard ticket events because it isn’t every night but if we’re doing this seven nights in a row on normal operating days, we’re going to blow the budget”.
In keeping with my theory, I’d say no perimeter bursts this summer.


No perimeter bursts = :frown: