Requesting 30 points for Sept 2012- anybody have any?



I would like to book the nights of Sept 1st and Sept 2nd (2012) in a Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani Village -Deluxe Studio - Savanna View. It is 30 points. I’m fresh out of points, and I’m willing to pay $13/point ($390) for a one time transfer of 30 points. I’m asking for the transfer to make it easier. I’m able to pay the $390 via paypal immediatly.

FYI - My end goal is to extend my stay at the Boardwalk (currently booked Aug 27, checking out on Sept 1st - standard view studio) without having to change rooms. Currently, there is no availability at the Boardwalk for Sept 1st (13 points) and Sept 2nd (10 points) (standard view studio). There is also no DVC cash inventory standard view rooms available. I could book those nights through regular reservations, but I’ve been informed by DVC that it is a different block of rooms, and I would still need to change rooms (even if its the same room type). The only way I could stay in the same room is if I book using points, or using the “cash inventory” through DVC. I could also purchase up to 24 points through DVC, but DVC tells me that I can not be waitlisted with the “purchased” points. So my only chance is to somehow acquire the 30 points needed to book the available Animal Kingdom room, and then go on waitlist for the Boardwalk rooms. If it all comes through, there will be 7 points that will not be used. I’m willing to transfer the unused 7 points back to the original owner without a refund back to me(if this is possible).

I’ve never borrowed or transfered points with another DVC member before. I’m not sure if the transfering is even allowed (but I think I’ve heard it mentioned). If anyone out there can make sense of all this, please feel free to set me straight. I’d appreciate any tips, ideas, or loop holes I may have missed.

If you have 30 points that you are willing to transfer, please PM me, or email me at

Thank you,


Emailed you.


Thank you so much!!!:flowers:

Just want everyone to know that rlcarmichael is AWESOME- and don’t hesitate to work with him on rentals/transfers - he knows his stuff.

I was able to make my reservation at AKL and now have my fingers crossed that the Boardwalk waitlist comes through!!!


Richard is definitely the man!