Requesting a specific room


Last August we stayed stayed in a room at POR that we loved for it’s location. It didn’t have anything particularly special about it except that we were just really happy with its proximity to the quiet pool and laundry area. It wasn’t too far to walk to the main building or a bus stop either. I know the room number. My question is, can I specifically request that room?


Sure, but it’s never guaranteed. I faxed my room “section” request, and was given it. It’s all about luck I think, and if it is a busy time.


It never hurts to try. I’ve only requested a specific section once and got it, but I think it was probably just luck.


Thanks! I may give it a try.:happy:


We were told by a CM at CSR to call and put your request in 3 days to your arrival and you have a better chance of getting what you want. That is when they do their room scheduling. We did and were ablt to get what we wanted. To request a specific room may be a different story.


my family and I have stayed at POR a few times now, and we really happy with our room as well, for the same reason you are!

We were really close to the private pool, but far enough away from the main pool that it wasn’t loud.

Anyway… hahah, We just requested the building we wanted and we got the building right beside it and it was still very nice. So you could always ask for a certain section :slight_smile:


Hi Missymouse,

I’d sure like some feedback from you on the room you liked. We are staying there in September and it will be our first stay there. If you get a chance, would you PM me some information? Thanks!


I have never requested a specific room but a building yes and have gotten it 4 out of 4 times but I think it is just luck.


Yeah, I realize it’s a longshot. I just wondered if anyone had ever requested a specific room and gotten it. You never know. I’m going to give it a shot. :happy:


The CM’s at Pop were very helpful with us on the day of our arrival. We requested a certain building and floor as well as a King Size bed and they were able to help us. :biggrin:


I request ground floor rooms due to nto wanting to fight with a wheel-chair into an elevator, that and I have this silly thought of being on the upper floors and having to haul the chair down the stairs because of a power outage…Silly I know but it nags in the back of my brain… LOL


No harm in asking, we’ve put requests in and got them almost 90% of the time, the one time we didn’t, we got the building we wanted the 2nd night :slight_smile:


The CM I spoke with on the phone today told me that rooms are assigned anywhere from 3 to 10 days prior to arrival, so I should put in my request before that. I only asked him about requesting a building, though, not a particular room.