Requesting AP discount at resort


okay we are going to buy SAP for 2008.

my question is…can i go ahead and have the AP discount applied to my resort ressie, when it comes out…(if my resort is included) without have the SAP in hand?? is there a special code on teh SAP they will require when using the discount code for SAP holders??

also at check-in…i will only have the SAP vouchers in hand…will they give me thr dicount, or will i have to return with acutal SAP passes after exchanign the vouchers at Guest Services??


At this point, you just need your passes at check-in. If they even ask for them (usually they don’t, but you should definitely have it).

You can currently book AP rates without having an AP in hand.



thank you Denise!

i guess they will just have to look at the vouchers and be okay with that unitl i get them swapped over to AP’s.

we are doing chef mickey’s on our arrival night, planning to take the monorail around the loop for fun afterwards. we can always hop off at MK or Epcot and get the vouchers swiched then, or just wait until the next day when we hit the parks.

i hope the CM’s won’t hassel us about havign only the vouchers…they surely are used to that situtation.:blink:


I don’t think you can exchange your vouchers at MK. I think you might have to go to the Ticket and Transportation Center. We have done ours at Guest Services at Downtown Disney.


I’m pretty sure I got my AP at MK. We took the boat form WL late one night and got my AP and had the rest of our tickets printed out.


When I checked in at the AKL where I got an excellent AP rate, I was asked to show proof of the AP when I checked in. This is a standard practice as far as I know or anyone could book an AP room rate. I only had vouhers for the APs,…and that was fine.

I activated my APs at MGM after checking in…process took only minutes.


Wow, thats good to know. They told me at the resort that I couldn’t get it done at MK.:pinch:


We activated my Mom’s AP voucher at MK, Guest Relations is just to the right of the entry turnstiles.


I JUST GOT my vouchers in the mail today, and this is what the letter says:

“To receive your new passes (this is a renewal of APs) please present the enclosed Renewal Seasonal Pass Exchange Certificate, your expired passes, and valid Florida Resident photo ID at any Walt Disney World Theme Park ticket Window

Hope this helps! :happy:


I think I know why I couldn;'t do mine at MK, I didn’t have a valid ticket to get through the turnstiles to go into Guest Relations. Could that be the reason? Or will they let you in the park with a voucher?


What everyone has told you here is correct!
When I booked with an AP rate I was only asked once to see my AP’s…I had my actual AP so I don’t know what they would have done if I just had the voucher…BUT…to me it all seems the same…technically you’ve already PAID them for the AP…you’re just waiting to activate it so you can get your full year…and it’s not like you’d buy an AP and keep it unactivated just for the discounts…there is really no way to cheat, so if they wouldn’t accept the voucher that would just be lame.


All the way over to the right of the entrance to MK there is a Guest Relations/Ticket window outside the park! I know this cuz that is where I had to pick up my P&PP tickets one year!


Yep, my vouchers have the price I paid RIGHT ON THE BACK . . . and honestly I ALWAYS get FL Resident or AP hotel rates, and have NEVER been asked to show them! :ohmy:


I will be in a similar situation, but I will upgrade our hopper passes to AP’s. Just to clarify, is “guest relations” located inside, once you go through the turnstiles?


I got my AP at the ticket window near the restrooms outside MK.


Thanks for the info!


Well, again, this is good information to know for next time. I have no idea why they told me I couldn’t do it there!!:pinch:


I read the paper that came with our vouchers and it said the 4 major theme parks but not Downtown Disney, however, I have read on here about people getting their APs at guest services there. Another example of getting 2 different answers form Disney.


They are outside the park as far as I know. llama had to do a similar thing when we were at the MK in august.


well i called this moring to get the AP discount…i must have had a newbie on the line…1st he couldn’t pull up my ressie…then he said he DID need my AP number!!

i told him that he did not need that , that they would check it at the front desk when i checked in. that i had not even purchased my AP (SAP) yet. so he put me on hold, for what seemed like forever, then returned and said…okay…here’s your new rate…yadda, yadda, yadda. :c)

so thanks to everyone that chimed in on this thread…i had my “ducks in a row” and was able to get my discount and maybe help the newbie learn the ropes a bit! LOL