Requesting some MB help for our trip


I figured this was the best place for my question.

But first, a little background. We’re heading to WDW in early November and are taking my 25 yo DD and her DH for the first time. She is an absolute thrill ride freak and was really looking forward to RNR, TOT, Test Track, Mission:Space, et al. Well, long story short, in June she was diagnosed with a tumor on her cerebellum. She had surgery to remove it on July 31 and it was a HUGE success. The tumor was benign, they got ALL of it and she is slowly returning to full health. Yesterday, she went in for her 2nd post-op check up and her MD FORBADE her from riding any “rollercoaster” type, bumpy, jerky rides in November. She is devastated and now thinks she’s not going to have much fun when we go.

I want to sit down with her and go over a list of “fun” things that we can all still do at the World.

However, in order to get ALL the best options, I thought I’d turn to my friends here at Mouse Buzz (still DC to me!!) and see what help you can give us. So, what are some of the “non-ride” fun things that you guys look forward to when visiting the Mouse? Thanks in advance for all your help.


Walking around Epcot…especially World Showcase, is my favorite thing to do! Exploring all of the countries is so much fun!
She could probably even ride Soarin…it’s not bumpy!
Also, how about resort hopping? Check out all of the beautiful resorts, eat at the restaurants, etc.


Gosh, there is SO MUCH for her to do!!!

Some examples (and yes, there are many more I am sure):

Mickey’s Philharmagic
Snow White’s Scary Adventures
Peter Pan’s Flight
Winnie the Pooh
Carousel of Progress
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
Small World
Haunted Mansion
Hall of Presidents
Jungle Cruise
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
etc, etc, etc.

LET ME STOP HERE! :eek: OMG, I can SERIOUSLY go on and on!!! I think the only rides she CAN’T go on would be:

SPLASH MOUNTAIN (because of the last drop)

Maybe I’m missing something, but there is DEFINITELY more that she CAN do than what she CAN’T.


I think I’d stick to the more placid rides, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Tiki Room, Carousel of Progress if it’s open, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Philharmagic and It’s tough to be a bug. Basically, if the ride is kid friendly, it’s probably safe enough. I would go back to the doctor towards the end of the month and see if things have improved. After that, once you get to WDW, as Cast Members for clues about ride intensity.


There are plenty of things to do in Disney w/o riding the crazy rides. Many suggestions have already been made. I too think she would be okay on Soarin’

Just remind her it’s a bummer, but many people go to WDW all the time that can’t go on those rides (people with neusea, pregnant, or handicaps) I get so sick on rides like that and can’t really go on them, but still love disney and find plenty to do!


Non-ride, lets eee. Like Cosmic said the world showcase at Epcot. We really like renting boats and of course the pool.


Don’t forget the shopping!! There really is so much to do, please re-assure her that she will have a fabulous time. The parades! Just watching the parades and fireworks is good for me!


See, I knew this was the place to come. Hopefully, with all these suggestions, we’ll keep her busy the 11 days were there and she’ll never miss the other rides. And besides, that will give us another excuse to go back once she’s fully recovered!


You can’t do all of Disney in one trip anyways - too much to do. Just have her do the lighter stuff this time, and now she has a good excuse to go back later, once she’s had time to heal. Just treat this as the “soft” trip, and then trip #2 can be the “thrill ride” trip!


That’s the spirit. By the way, I am glad the tumor was benign! :flowers:


In the general scheme of things, she ought to just be grateful everything’s okay, right?

Not. I would SO be your daughter in this situation. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m alive, great, everything was fine, but I WANNA RIDE ROCK’N ROLLER COASTER!”

I think that actually making reservations for a second trip would be the best medicine for her. This can just be the preliminary trip where she scopes everything out, makes time for things that she might miss in her thrill ride quest.

I’m glad this story has a happy ending. :happy:


I would also do the shows,like Beauty and the beast and Festival of the Lion King. They are the two greatest shows on Disney property!!


There is no need for her to be diasspointed. Yes, she will miss EE and the mountains and stuff, but there is SO much more to do there. Take all the great advice already given here.