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I am in constant contact by e-mailing Poly concierge of my requests and have asked for certain rooms in concierge and garden view. They assured me these are noted on my resrevations. Should I still fax before my trip? What is the right things to do to have the best chance of having your requests granted? :confused: Thanks everyone, love reading all of the posts, I learn so much:laugh: , Nanci


We’ve been talking about this in the last few days. WDW no longer considers faxed room requests. Your best bet is to call WDW reservations and have it noted.


I was going to say the exact same thing. WDW does not honor faxes any longer. Have it noted on your reservation and request it again at check in. WDW is very good about trying to honor all requests.


Since you are dealing with concierge, they will be the ones who check you in, so if they say they have it, they will have it. Make sure you remind them at check in, just in case. A fax will be ignored, as previously mentioned.


Thank you everyone. I will wait until I arrive and remind them. Hope it works,Nanci


Cash bribes never hurt.


Just be sure they are noted on your reservations…it sounds like you have. Mine were not noted on ours (I’d made the requests) and I didn’t call until the day before and the rooms had already been assigned (they told me there were no requests on my ressie). Turned out okay as the rooms aren’t as far away from it all as I’d thought (we’re here as I type! :mickey: ) but I was disappointed initally. If you are going to call to confirm that your requests are noted, be sure to do it more than one day ahead.


Funny Cavey I might just try it.LOL


Allyson, I hope your trip is all you wish it to be. Let us know how it went when you get back, Nanci


I really don’t understand this room obsession. For us, it’s clearly just a place to crash after being at the park all day, and a place to brush up and head out of bright and early.

So let me ask: What do you consider a BAD room at Walt Disney World?


I don’t think there’s a bad room but some are much better than others. We spend a lot of time in our room with afternoon breaks so we like to have something nice to look at when we look out our window. For my family the resort is a big part of our Disney trip.


I agree with DT. The resort is half the magic for me. I am there just as much as I am at the parks. I like to relax and enjoy every bit my resort has to offer. Why pay the big price tag if you are going to be in a spot that’s far away from the things you enjoy or if you are looking at a parked car when you look out your window. If you don’t use your room other than to sleep, then this isn’t a big deal to you. If you like an afternoon break and some time at the pool and what-not, your location matters.


For me I will have an ecv so I am asking for a first floor room. My first 3 days are at Poly Concierge and then a Garden view room where I am asking for a Handicapped Accessible room so I do want to let them know what I need. It just makes things a little easier and nicer if you know what you want and can get it, but I do agree that just staying on disney property is Wonderful.


I hear people say that it is just a room all the time and I wonder if they have just not ever experienced a great resort. I remember when staying off property in the early 80’s that I would have been thrilled just to be in a room on property (which I think is the point Hidden Mikey is trying to make). I do agree that people worry too much about getting an exact room or building. I also feel that the room and resort are a HUGE part of the trip. I have actually flown out from California to Florida just to be at the resorts and did not plan much or any time in the parks. For me and my family and friends the resort is half the trip and not only do we like a nice room to enjoy but we like a resort we can relax and have fun at.

Sometimes I wish I could just go with the least expensive resort so I can just go and enjoy the parks and all that Disney has to offer but I would miss the resort experience too much.


I concur whole heartedly.


i do not hink there are bad rooms in WDW. we are like you, we leave in the morning, and do not return until the evening. the resorts are great, but we are there for the parks…


I always request certain rooms and hope for the best. If I get one of the rooms I have requested then I consider myself lucky and thank my little stars who helped me.
In all honesty though, I personally would not keep on at the conceirge with calls, faxes, e~mails and the like as I think it is just too pushy and could well get on their nerves.
Can you imagine going into work each day to yet another message from the same person asking for the same things that you were asked for only days earlier?! For me it would begin to grate after time and I would be more inclined to not help.

I don’t mean to offend anyone here . As much as I am all for asking for just that little bit of extra magic to help your vacation I do also feel for the guys that deal with the endless requests of guests.

I hope no-one is angry with me now…:pinch: :laugh: