I am wondering if anyone know the answer to this question…

If someone cancels a resort reservation, how long does it take that room to go back into the system?
Here is my dilema. I am a AP holder. We are going to WDW 12/14 to 12/17 to go to MVMCP. We have a reservation at ASM. But…I would really like to stay at the Contemporary with the AP discount room rate. But there are no rooms.
THe 45 day out mark for our trip is 10/30, so if anyone cancels a room it would have to be by that date. I know AP rooms can be cancelled just 5 days out, so that would be 12/9.
So if someone cancelled a room on 10/30 , how long does it take to be availible in the system?
Just hoping to call on the right day and right time.


I would think in 24hours.


That is what i was thinking…just hoping for some Pixie Dust and an availible room! If not we will be happy at ASM. But I would love to be on the monrail line.


Wishing you luck with this Karen. LEt me know how you make out.:heart:


Thanks Dana. DD really wants to stay at the CR. With the AP discount the price is not so bad! But if it does not happen a room is a room and we are at WDW!


I asked the CM this question today, because there was already nothing available under the new discount code for Jan. that was released to Disney Visa cardholders this morning. I was wondering if some people had rebooked with the code, but their cancellations weren’t showing up yet. The CM told me that it happens in just a couple of minutes. He said that by the time he finishes up the call, the cancelled room is usually showing up in the system already! I’m going to keep trying today to see if something becomes available later in the day.


Thanks for the info! I will keep trying!
Good Luck to you!