Reservation for Be Our Guest


Just made a reservation for Be Our Guest for 1/9/13. I first went on line and the only reservations listed for anytime between 5-7PM was 5:15 which was a little earlier than I wanted but I clicked to take it. Then a note popped up that said this reservation was now unavailable. So I decided to call the reservation line. They had a reservation for 6PM which was exactly when I wanted to I got it. So it pays to call up. Also I had to give my credit card info which I was not too crazy about. I hope they’re not starting to do that with all reservations.


Many of the more popular restaurants are requiring a credit card to secure the reservation. They were having too many no shows, so now if you do not show or cancel, you are charged a fee.


You can still cancel. You just have to do so more than 24 hours out in most cases.