Reservation Help!


My family and I were from México and I want to make a reservation to the Rainforest Café at Animal Kingdom (for april), but my question is… Is there any 01800 free numer that I can call in order to to this or I have to make a long phone call distance’?

Please help me! Is our first trip to disney world and I have heard that it´s really important to make a reservation.

Thank you!!!


Check out this thread:




I just read it and I think I´m going to try that tomorrow!


I’m not sure that the Rainforest Cafe takes reservations? Myabe I’m confusing it with another restaurant…Anyone know for sure??


One of the RCs takes ADRs and I think its the one in Animal Kingdom (that would mean the one in DTD doesn’t take ADRs).


The Downtown Disney Rainforest does not take ADRs, you just show up and wait. You can alternatively call the restaurant directly at 407-939-2648 and see if they will take your reservation.