Reservation Nerves: When Does Stuff Sell Out?


Hi guys.

Now that I’m back in active planning mode, my paranoid side (I’m a Gemini :pinch: ) is making a lot of noise.

When do rates and tickets usually sell out by?

I’m planning on a mid-December trip (15-22) and I need to rely on AP rates. I also want to buy tix for MVMCP. However, for budget reasons, I want to wait as long as possible before I buy them.

Any hints / suggestions?



Maybe I’m naive, but I’m in complete shock right now. I just got off the phone with Disney reservations (trying to re-book my trip at an AP rate, of course), and I can’t believe what I was told.

The very nice guest services agent told me that all they had left at the AP rate for the dates I was traveling (11/29-12/7) was the WL presidential suite, suites in the garden wings at the CR, and Deluxe savannah views and concierge at the AKL. WOW. She said their phone lines had been slammed with calls all morning, and I personally was on hold waiting for my turn in the calling queue for 45 minutes. Thank goodness, AKL was our 2nd choice hotel anyways, so we were able to book a deluxe savannah view room for our dates.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here. Did anyone else have a similar experience today?

Good luck, MerlinMatt! :slight_smile:


I was on hold for 35 minutes, but I haven’t actually tried to reserve anything yet. We’re actually planning to go in one of the slower weeks of the whole year, so I’m hoping for the best.

Mickey also indicated that since the rates were only annouced this morning, that some rates might not even be in the system yet. So don’t fret. Yet. :confused:


Depending on when you are going, I wouldn’t wait too long to get MVMCP tickets. They can be hard to get the longer you wait. Also, if you are planning to do a Candlelight Processional dinner package at Epcot and want a particular restaurant, I would book that now!


Wha wha what is that???!!! That sounds WAY TOO COOL!!!

Send me a link!!! Somebody!


Try this:
If that does not work just check on the homepage for this forum.


The same thing happend to me today. I was just trying to see what the rates would be for early Dec and they told me the same stuff about WL and AKL, told me the Polly only had lagoon rooms, she did say there were lots of rooms at the moderates but I realy wanted to try the Polly for the monorail. I hope I will have better luck tommrow, I was on hold forever today also.


Candlelight Processional is done at Epcot during the Christmas season. It’s definately a not to be missed event! You can wait in a stand by line prior to each show, or book a dinner package. Dinner packages are offered at different price levels depending on the restaurant. By purchasing a package you get PS at the restaurant, and a reservation for one of the nightly showings of the Candlelight Processional. You are guaranteed a seat this way. Again, if you are going during the Christmas season, don’t miss this!!!


Well, to me, I try to keep things a little simpler. And it helps to understand Disney’s business model.

I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ll take a discount wherever I can get it. As it is, I can barely afford to take this trip anyway. The kids already know that this trip will replace our ordinarily lavish Christmas Day.

Here’s my point: if you’re committed to staying at a particular Deluxe resort, then you’re limiting your options. Disney won’t discount rooms that are going to be in high demand. They’re only going to offer discounts to motivate people to travel who ordinarily wouldn’t. It worked for me. I would never stay at the Contemporary for full price, at least not this year.

I wish you luck, but this is turning out to be Disney’s busiest year since before 9/11. They were swamped with reservation requests today, so I think they feel that their marketing has done well. I sincerely doubt that they will open up a significant number of new discounts, so take the ones that are available while they are still available.

I’m so psyched! I’ve never stayed in a Deluxe Disney resort. I can’t wait to stagger downstairs and plop my butt into a seat at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. :sleeping: :laugh:


MerlinMatt, I think your right about the how and the why for the discounts. We would not be even going if there were no discounts, so I definately won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, lol. I was just hoping ever so much for the polly as we have not been there. The only delux weve been to is WL and we LOVE that. In fact we will be there next week big grin. Maybe I can get the Contemp too. That would be nice, and on the MR line. If not then it will most likely be PO (either one) for us, which we love also.



As far as I know, there are more discounts available at the Contemporary than any other hotel. While I’m very excited about staying there, I do know that it’s lost some of its lustre from its heyday. Let’s not forget that it’s over 30 years old. For a “modern” hotel, that’s practically ancient. The Poly is just a very unique place to stay, so therefore demand has remained high.

If you try to get a discounted room at the Contemporary, I’m sure you’ll be able to get one.


Heres to hoping your right!! When I tried again this afternoon the recording said right away that their system was way over busy and to try tommrow after 1:00, so I will!!


I was just calling to make some PS dining and was on hold for 20 minutes!! It was 4:00 in th afternoon! What the heck is up with that?


I was on hold about 25 minutes today but then talked with a CM for about 40 minutes trying to get a room for Nov.29 to Dec. 4 at Boardwalk Inn. Nothing is available there. I tried YC, BC, Poly, Cont. She said WL was available. We kept breaking up the dates. Poly had LV for 2 nights at $658 but I found that too steep. She said to keep calling back because availability changes. As we tried a new combination I got YC for $221.89 a night 11/28 - 30 and Poly GV for 233.04 a night for Dec 1 and 2. I used the 800# and she wanted to know if I wanted any ps’s, so it sounds like they do everything at the same number.

MerlinMatt, when are the slow weeks?


We are traveling the week of Dec 5 - 11, we already have our booking at CSR. We have been waiting for the discount codes and to hope and re-book. Is this really going to work. Sounds like the place is booked up and the discount codes will never be offered. Any ideas?


As far as I know, the slow weeks are/have been the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving and then the week just prior to Christmas.

However, with the promotions that Disney has been running and their apparent success, you may very well be able to throw all of that out the window this year.


MerlinMatt did you get what you wanted???


2 days at PC with 2 rooms, 2 days at the Contemp with 1 room and 3 days back at the PC with 2 rooms. PC = $49/room and Contemp = $131/room.

Totally phenomenal prices!!!

That on top of total airfare for the 4 of us, round trip for less than $550 on JetBlue… we are TOTALLY psyched!

Now, I just need to come up with $500 within the next few weeks for the deposit and tix for MVMCP and we’re good to go!


Matt you remember my ever-changing resorts over the past few months? I couldn’t get the Poly because it was totally booked for standard rooms. And this, as we know, is for a trip in September, the off season. Book ASAP for whatever you want. I’m just lucky I happened to call when they got a cancellation. Book your PS seatings as soon as you are allowed (the 90 day mark). Don’t mess around. You can always cancel later if you need to, just get it. :mickey:


If only it were that simple.

I’m on a REALLY tight budget for the remainder of the year, so the longer I can put off a payment, the better I am.

I think we’re going to try an get the MVMCP tix this weekend and place the deposit on the last possible day (13 days and counting)