Reservation Requests


I know I have asked tis before but I plum forgot. If I would like to make a request for our room(as in what area we’d prefer to stay in if possible), who do I call? Do I call reservations or the resort itself? Thanks!


Call reservations and have it added to your information. The resort doesn’t have your reservation yet.


Great, thank you! When does the resort get that info? We are 14 days out.


We were told the resort doesn’t get the info until the morning of, and they apparently set rooms around 6am. However, we were told by Disney reservations to call the resort direct early the morning of our check-in to confirm a 1st floor room. So, at 7am prior to our leaving for the airport, I called and they confirmed we were booked into a 1st floor room. BUT, when we arrived that evening to check in to our resort, we found they had given the room away to someone else as they suddenly had no rooms available on the main floor.

We travel with two families and always request connecting rooms and try to get first floor rooms since we always have multiple strollers with us and we always run into problems at check-in. It has become a bad re-run at the start of every trip that we now just come to expect. It is always the most frustrating part of our trip.


Requests are so hard because sometimes even though you ask several times, are not honored. I get very frustrated, one year we were traveling with my mother in law who cannot do steps, and we asked for first floor at CBR several times, I must have said on the phone prior to our trip about 7 times, and then the morning of and they still didn’t have it when we got there :slight_smile: It all worked out though! Have a great time :slight_smile:


We were very lucky with the one time we had a request. We were traveling with my grandpa-in-law who has terminal cancer and I was 16 weeks pregnant with severe morning sickness(I really don’t recommend Disney with morning sickness, its not that pleasant). My aunt-in-law actually wrote a very nice letter and faxed it to the reservation department. We received great rooms about 100 feet from the bus stop on the first floor. I don’t know if it was just luck or if they figured that if someone was willing to go through all that they really wanted/needed the rooms.


Let me try to clear up a few things:

The resorts get the reservation info about 4 or 5 days in advance. They don’t have it any earlier than that, but they very very certainly get it before the day of check-in.

There is no way to call any WDW resort directly. Yes, Disney publishes a “direct” telephone number for each resort, but this is an illusion, pure Disney magic. When you call a resort number, your call goes to a call center with the very boring name “Main Switchboard” (Disney’s actual name for it). The cast member answering the phone can see on their computer screen which resort you are attempting to call, and will answer the phone as if they are at that resort, when in fact the person answering the call may or may not be in Florida. This cast member will usually answer your question, which often has disastrous results because they ogten have no first-hand knowledge of that resort. Many CMs just wing it a lot of the time, or so it seems as evidenced by the mountain of bad information people get. The CM has the option of putting you on hold, while he/she calls the resort and asks a CM there if he/she would like to take the call. If the resort refuses the call, the CM gets back on the phone and, as one CM once wrote, “tap dances their way through an answer” that may or may not be correct.

The CMs at Main Switchboard are trained to be gate-keepers. They are trained to NOT let a call go through to the resort unless absolutely necessary, and a reservation request is 100% NOT a necessary reason to transfer your call to the resort; the Main Switchboard CM will have it noted on your reservation.

The very very best way to make a request is to have the request noted on your reservation. If you reserved directly through Disney, call 407-W-DISNEY and ask the CM to note it on your reservation, and have him/her read it back to you so you know it was done properly. If you booked through a travel agent, call your TA and have him/her contact Disney to have it noted on your reservation.


Pure Disney annoyance is more like it!


Thanks!! I’m making the request with a grain of salt if you will, I know it’s just a request, I’d prefer not to lug my baby and 4 yr old and luggage up steps by myself since the first two days of our trip will be without df, but if I must then so be it. Requesting won’t hurt.


You won’t have to lug luggage up steps, at least not on your arrival day.

If you’re using Disney’s Magical Express to get to the resort from the airport, your checked luggage will be automatically delivered to the inside of your room whether you’re in there or not. And you can get a Bell Services CM to bring your carry-ons up to your room, if you desire. At any of WDW’s Moderate and Deluxr resorts (POR is a Moderate resort), there is a full-service, on-demand Bell Services department that will be happy to assist you with anything like luggage, packages, grocery delivery bags, and so on.


Good to hear. My df has a conference in Bradenton the 19-21, the kids and I are driving(so no ME) and arriving at Disney on the 20th, so that day and most of the 21st I will be by myself with the kids. I’ll def take advantage of the bell hop service regardless. I’ll still request either first floor or Magnolia with elevators(I think it was MB) because of the stroller issue, but at least if it doesn’t happen I won’t have to worry about luggage with the babes.


I booked my reservation through WDW and once my reservation was emailed to me I could see the request for a 2nd floor room right below the resort. If the CM types it in the computer, it does show up on your reservation.

However, it does say on the reservation that this a request and is not guaranteed.