Reservation system problem


This maybe in the wrong place. I changed my email with WDW, online and over the phone with a reservation CM. EVERY time I call, they still have my old email address in the system!:confused: What’s up with that!


Oh, don’t feel bad. Every time I call reservations to book something,they repeat my e-mail address that I have had about 3 years ago. I keep giving them the one I have had for about a year and a half now but it dosen’t ever seem to replace my old one. No matter what kind of finagling they do to replace it, it never works. I get so frustrated with them on this. They just keep replacing it. I would like to know if there is anything we can do.


Me too . . . I have changed my address, email, phone, etc COUNTLESS times and each time they get it wrong!! The last CM (two days ago) told me they have no means to delete, they just move the right one to the top!! :confused: :confused: Go figure!


It took me many, many tried to get mine corrected. I needed one more m than they had.

My issue is they keep sending my stuff to Jennifer instead of Stephanie. In 2003 my DH’s brother and his wife (Jennifer) were going to go with us but backed out later. Now WDW thinks Jennifer is the one making all the reservations. I have called 3 times about our December trip and every time I get a new reservation paper it has her name on it. It’s driving me nuts.


When we went in January of this year, everything I got from them had an extra street address in my mailing address - it would have my name, a different street address, then my street address, the city, state, zip. I kept calling and they kept telling me there was nothing listed in the 2nd street address line. I even faxed them a copy of it. They never did get it corrected!


I am told it’s corrected and they send me a new paper and it’s sent to Jennifer. I’m done with it, I’ve tried to fix it but it hasn’t worked. I’m going to be ticked if we show up and they won’t let me check in because it’s under a different name. My name is listed under who’s in the room but the paper is addressed to Jennifer.


They can create rides and shows to make us laugh, cry and scream with terror all at once, but they can’t fix a simple computer glich! :laugh: :blink: :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh:
So funny! But, they always have the wrong email address for me as well. I have them correct each time as well, but, it doesn’t seem to stick.:huh: