Reservation up for grabs!


Hi, I have a reservation for September 10-15 at AK. Its a studio with a Savannah view. My daughter booked it with her boyfriend but they recently broke up(which is a good thing) and won’t be able to go to Disney with me as planned:sad::sad::crying::crying:. I am so bummed but out of my control. Anyway, I am trying to see if anyone is interested in this reservation at a great price. If you are interested,please PM me and I will give you the details. Thanks!!!


Finally! I’m sure with everything you’ve gone through with this boyfriend deal that you are probably popping champaigne right now! I think you should still keep the reservation and try a solo trip. Ever since I did mine last year, I’m an advocate for it. What do you think?


We booked a room for them and a room for me,my DH and my 2 other kids. We are still keeping our ressie,but obviously,not theirs. Yes, you remember might grips about him on our last trip?? In the long run, its better off. We actually we starting to get along,mostly, for her sake,to keep peace.


Uuugh if only it was the 7th-13th


Still available!!


Are you past your banking window?


The reservation is already paid in full. He can’t take back the points. They have to be used this year.


Oops, I thought you had DVC. I forgot about renting points.


i wish i could help you out but i’m poor and out of vacation time:(


How can I contact you to get the details?


DS5; send her a Private Message.


It is still up for the taking. I am asking 500.00 for the reservation.


So tempting!


So sad I cant do this…if only it were $400


$500 for 5 nights for a savanna studio is truly a bargain. I don’t think you can stay at a value resort for that price.


…nope…not anymore…$100 a night room at a Deluxe is a real bargain…we can’t get anywhere near that at the Mod’s during value season!!!


I know it is…but it would put me over my budget plus I’d have to change hotels one night :frowning:


Well I checked, you can stay at POP. for less than a hundred a night. With the current sale, it would cost $493. Don’t know if there is/was a better deal deal out there. Since we have DVD, I don’t keep up with all the deals.


Oh…well I stand corrected…last time I checked during value season a room at ASM was well over $100… But perhaps that was because they were selling out…

Still, I think the $400 for the AK is a great deal…if it works for someone…:happy:


Oh well…but you know you will have a good time where you are staying! :happy: