Reservations and free dining


I am planning on making my reservations for September in February. If they release free dining later, can I add the free dining to an existing reservation? Or is it better to just make the reservation when they release the Dining?



Yes, you can add FREE dining or any discount to a vacation that has already been booked.


I would book it and then add as Dana has said.

You can always cancel the reservation without loss of deposit up to 45 days out if they do not announce fall free dining plus this guarantees you a room at the resort of your choice.

We didn’t book for this fall until free dining came out and were locked out of our first choice POFQ and had to take POR instead. Not that we are disappointed (we are going to Disney!) but we were locked out.


I actually just did that a few weeks ago. Had a reservation, then free dining came out. Was able to add it to existing reservation by adjusting my arrival date by 1 day to fit into one of the available date windows.

Essentially, “we’ll give you free dining if you’ll show up a day earlier.”