Reservations are made...WOHOOOO


I just made the reservations. We decided to stay at the POFQ. We are meeting my brother and his family and my parents (3 rooms) there and the majority wanted to give POFQ a try. We LOVED POR and have a feeling we will also like POFQ.

So Sept 10th we will be at Disney…WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Hey,wonderful,CaraMia!! I’ll be at Disney for Night of Joy then. Maybe we can hook up for a mini-meet.


Yay! Looking forward to your review of the resort as we are staying there for the first time the week before Christmas! Hope you have a fabulous trip!


OMG that is next week!!! Have a great time!!! I am not far behind!! Yahoo!!


Where are you staying???


Sept.9th I’ll be at PC and Sept.10-11 I’ll be at AKL. I am so excited!!!


Congrats on your upcoming trip! :flowers:


Hope you have a great time, last year we stayed at PO, the FQ was being refinished. Looked great!!! :tongue: :tongue:


undefined heehee…I know EXACTLY the excitement you are feeling! I’m literally counting down the days till I arrive in POFQ! I haven’t been since before they remodeled.


During our June trip we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. One night after coming back from the parks we decided to take the bus to French Quarter and walk along the river to Port Orleans. At night French Quarter was beautiful. The resort is very small and the buildings are all within a short walk to the bus stop. If you get a chance, take a stroll down the river path. The bridges and landscapes are great. It is a very peaceful place to stay.

Have fun!!!


Have a great trip! You’ve picked a wonderful resort!


We may have to cancel…ughhhh! My 2.5 year old has a horrible cold and has developed mild asthma. He has not been feeling well and if he doesnt improve by this friday we may have to reschedule. We will see what the doc says tomorrow.

<fingers crossed for a fast recovery>


wow, september 10th is just around the corner. that’s so great your trip is book.