Reservations for Grabs Jan 2-3


I booked a couple of ADRs that it turns out we will not need, due to a change in party numbers and plans. So, I figured that before calling and canceling, I would offer them to fellow MB’ers. They are in my name, and I have the reservation numbers and details, so if you are interested, please PM me. All reservations are for 4. I have them entered as 2 adults, 2 children, but whether or not there are any children doesn’t matter unless it was prepaid, and none of these are.

January 2
8:00 AM Whispering Canyon
8:05 AM Crystal Palace

January 3
8:25 AM Chef Mickey’s

I am not sure whether or not the CP ADR could gain you early entry to MK… that was my intention when booking, but I have not checked the park hours for that date. I was really excited about the CM ADR, and I am bummed that we can’t use it, so I’m hoping to find it a good home! :happy:


I have more to add…

For a party of 8 (7 adults, 1 child):

January 1
7:00 PM The Wave
7:25 PM Citricos


Man, I’m bummed that no one wants my ADRs. I guess I’ll call and cancel them, this weekend, if there are no takers.