Reservations, Yes or No?


We are going to disney Septmember 9 - 15. My husband and I and our two kids (3 & 6) and my sisters and her husband and their two kids (3 & 5) will be going. We are planning on going to the HDDR one night and we are also wanting the go to the ESPN Bar, O’hana (debating between brunch and dinner) and an epcot country restaurant for dinner. Maybe Le Cellier. Any suggestions on Epcot Country Restaurants?

We are debating whether or not we need to get reservations or not. It will be a large group but we also don’t know what exact time we would get to the restaurant. Any suggestions??

With alot of people having dining packages how does that effect getting a table??


Get reservations. Especially with a large group of people!

I found that showing up early for a reservation was no problem. So maybe make them a little on the late side, giving yourself a bigger window for getting there?


You can always cancel if you do not need or use them.


Make reservations! The places you picked are pretty popular and can be hard to get in to w/o a reservation. It doesn’t hurt to schedule meals, you can always cancel that day if you don’t htink you’ll make it. I plan our days around where we are eating that day/night. I like to know that we will be able to eat one nice meal each day with little to no waiting.


DEFINITELY make reservations!!! Since you have a party of 8, it will DEFINITELY be harder to just walk in. And also because of the Free Dining, walking in most places could be next to IMPOSSIBLE!!! Especially the ones you mentioned!!!

MAKE ADRs!!! You can always call while you are there to try to change things around, or even cancel them. But you REALLY should make reservations for these places…


Yes, Yes OM goodness yes. you will definately want to secure an Advanced dining reservation for that time. They are having the free dining and table service meals are not going to be easy to get especially with a larger group. Book the ones you have your heart set on. Your group will thank you later.


I posted in your “poll” thread, but I also have a party of 8 for the last week in September and it was not easy to get the ADRs… call now!


I think the restaurants are getting harder to find open tables in since the dinning plan was introduced. Especially if you are a big group - you need ADRs


A question – can you even made ADRs at ESPN Zone?


And I find that having a set time for a reservation helps you to plan your day. With a large group, having everyone know they need to be at a certain place at a certain time is even better.


I havne’t been to ESPN in a couple of years but I don’t think thay take ADRs. It was walk ups only the last time we were there.


I don’t think so. I know you can’t make a PS or ADR for Big River, also on the boardwalk.