Reservations - Yes or No?


My family will be going to Disney Sept 9 - 15. It is actually two families. My husband and I and our two kids (3 & 6) and my sister, her husband and their two kids ( 3 & 5). We are debating whether or not we need to get reservations for any of our dining locations. I figured yall would know. I don’t know how the free dining will effect walk-ins and its been awhile since any of us have gone but we are going during value season so it should be less crowded.

We are planning on going to the HDDR one evening

We are also lanning on going to the following restaraunts as well
ESPN - probably evening - they don’t take reservations
O’Hana - either brunch or dinner
Le Cellier or another Epcot Country for dinner - Any suggestions??


We also have room for one more 1 point table service location. Any suggestions?? What’s your favorite?


I forgot we decided on going to Wolfgang Puck to. Any thoughts on it?? Sorry for the continous threads. I’ll get it all in one one of these days!!!..I Hope! :tongue:


Make reservations, I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

With kids Chef Mickey’s is always a hit.


Make reservations! Always! :c)


I would make reservations.

And as far as suggestions:
At Epcot - Teppanyaki, Le Chefs De France…
or if you want to take a quick walk over to the Boardwalk, Spoodles is pretty awesome!


DEFINITELY make ADRs!!! I cannot stress that enough! Especially with the free dining plan. You probably won’t be able to get into certain places, like Le Cellier unless you have an ADR! Le Cellier is probably THE hardest ADR to get at Epcot. Don’t get me wrong, you can get ressies, it is just booking up so quickly lately!!!

MAKE ADRs!!! :wink:


Make them…or you will be finding no tables available. It’s free dining time and everyone who is on the plan will be eating at those same places. Last year many places booked out completely and were not taking walk ups. If you have your heart set on any of those places, I highly suggest booking an advanced dining reservation like yesterday.



Abbysmom, I’m worried for you! CALL RIGHT NOW AND MAKE ADRs!!! I heard of people having difficulty making Le Cellier ADRs in NOVEMBER!!! Call Disney Dining IMMEDIATELY! Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

The number is 407-WDW-DINE.

Let us know when you do!!! :wink:


For iluvwdw’s sake, PLEASE make the ADRs. The only LeCellier I could get in my week in September was a late lunch at 2:50 p.m.

Oh - and welcome to DC. As you can see, we’re a little passionate here about stuff like that. :angel:


Thanks, Llama!!! I’m gonna pass out here…


I can tell you from EXPERIENCE you NEED ADRs…especially during FREE DINING!

(*OK, I’ll shut up now… :ph34r: )


Quick, come back and check this post! Make your ADRS now!


Before I have a heart attack or something!!! :eek:


Did you make them yet???"? You are starting to creat DC panic. Hurry and dial the number…call WDW DINE!! HURRY before there are no tables anywhere on property!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Ok that was a tad to dramatic…lol Seriously, you should get on there either tonight or tomorrow first thing and make the ADRs that you really want to do. I would be so sad to hear that you went down there and have to eat counter service the whole time. The great restaurants are half the fun of a WDW trip. :heart:


I was very surprised to find how DIFFICULT it is to get a reservation. When I spoke with the rep I’d say “Le Cellier” and she’d say, “I doubt it but let’s check” and that was for a weeknight in late September.

Here’s my guess (I repeat GUESS): Many people going when you (and I) are going got the dining plan free with their package so they making res to use those ‘table service’ credits. Book 'em right the heck now.

You mentioned HDDR - did you kow you get HDDR on the dinign plan as 2 table service meals? -maybe a good idea considering HDDR cost.


Yep, yep, yep, I agree, agree, agree! For a party of your size you’ll be lucky to even get LeCellier at this point for dinner (but if it’s not available, keep trying!) I had to take a lunch seating for the last week in September just to be able to eat there! Best of luck to you…sorry, if we’re all a little pushy, we just want what’s best for you!!


Breathe Kim, please before you pass out.

Do you have ADRs yet, Abbysmom? Please call before panic spreads all through DC.


Yes make them and make them today if you haven’t already!!! Especially with a large party.


Here is the phone number 1 407- WDW DINE .


Or toll free 1.877.939.3732